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The unofficial Golden Earring Tour Dates Listing

LAST UPDATE: October 22 2023 This page is updated!

These pages contain the tour dates that I have collected from Golden Earring's first concerts in the early Sixties untill the present date. This is by no means a 100% accurate list (at least not pre 1999). If you have any information about a concert that is not listed, or a correction, please let me know. However when submitting an addition or correction, please provide me with some proof and the source of a certain concert, like a ticket stub, a flyer, magazine name or an advertisement if possible.

I am always looking for more materials.  If you have concert pictures, ticket stubs or tour advertisements, I really like to see them and use them for this site. 

Please send material to Golden Earring Tour dates update by e-mail to webmaster Casper Roos! I can handle just about any kind of file attachment.  I do ask you a small favor if you send me something via email.  Please send me two emails.  One with the attachment and another letting me know you are sending it (that way I can check my spam software filters - frequently file attachment emails get killed and I need to rescue them).

On February 05 2021 it became clear both George Kooymans solo (with Vreemde Kostgangers) and Golden Earring couldn't perform anymore due to diagnosed ALS illness of George Kooymans!

All scheduled Golden Earring concerts are now canceled and Golden Earring stopped performing as a band!

If there are solo activity tour dates announced, I will post them online.  

Golden Earring has toured with many bands abroad on their foreign tours in Europe, England Germany and the USA. Sometimes Golden Earring was the headliner, sometimes they were special guest themselves for another band. Amongst the bands Golden Earring has upstaged are Aerosmith, Blue Öyster Cult, Doobie Brothers, J. Geils band, Kiss, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ted Nugent, Poco, Procul Harum, Santana, Simple Minds, Status Quo, Rush and The Who to name a few. On my quest to find as many Golden Earring tour dates from the past I discovered several websites for other bands which have kindalike show overviews as I have for Golden Earring. I will give an overview soon. You often find additional info for shows like setlists, venue info, show reviews and ticket scans. If you should discover new added info which is not on my site please send the information by e-mail! Thanks in advance!

This is a Fan site and has no direct connection with the band Golden Earring.

It's intention is to act like a library that covers and references the history of the band for fan enjoyment.

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