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Another ten years!

Golden Earring Ring logo 1974

"Dig It Now You Still Can" (Save Your Skin - Golden Earring)

2010 - Golden Earring did perform again at Ahoy - Rotterdam on February 20, 2010. 2010 would be the year of the recording of a new Golden Earring cd. This cd was scheduled for release in 2010. Because of these recordings the band did perform much less as usual. No more concerts were scheduled yet after the Ahoy gig.... However it was rumoured Golden Earring will perform at Strijen again and a concert for June 05, 2010 at the ADO Football stadium The Hague was scheduled! So be aware there will be not to many shows in 2010 and catch one whenever you can... "Dig It Now You Still Can!" But voice problems of George Kooymans led to delay in the recordings and the cd is to be recorded in 2011.

Show poster Golden Earring Ahoy Rotterdam 2010

The scheduled Golden Earring concert at the ADO stadium was postponed as at the same day another concert was organised at Scheveningen beach with Jon Bon Jovi, Kane and Di-rect (Royal Beach Concert). A new date is not known yet.

Music On Vinyl announced the vinyl re-release of the Prisoner Of The Night album on 180 grams collectors black vinyl on April 29 2010 (Label info: Music On Vinyl MOVLP 049)

In 2010 George Kooymans did release another solo cd, this time in co-operation with his friend guitarist Frank Carillo. The album is called On Location and was released on the Universal Records label on April 02, 2010. Single release for this album is the track "A Blind Love" written by Frank Carillo Bandoleroes band member Eddy Seville. This is a great song which was performed several times live by Kooymans and Carillo in 2009. (Uden and Rotterdam concerts) From April 01, 2010 on Frank Carillo and George Kooymans went on a promotional tour for the album and later that year another Carillo Holland tour was expected and the release of his album The Rail To Kingdom Come. However this album announced is still not released as we speak October 2014.

Hear George Kooymans sing a beautiful version of Golden Earring's Mission Impossible performed during the Kooymans\Carillo show at the Melkweg - Amsterdam on April 06, 2010 during their cd release party concert!

A few more Golden Earring shows were planned for April 16 (Eindhoven - EH event, but cancelled due to financial troubles of the promotor), May 29, 2010 (Strijen), July 30, 2010 in Seebron (Germany) - Rock Of Ages festival and August 2010 (2 Belgium festival shows: Golden Earring did perform on August 01, 2010 at Suikerrock - Tienen and on August 02, 2010 at the Lokerse Feesten in Lokeren (Belgium)

Music On Vinyl announced the vinyl re-release of the 2nd Live double album on 180 grams collectors black vinyl in May 27, 2010 (Label info: Music On Vinyl MOVLP054)

On June 06, 2010 Cesar Zuiderwijk married Hester Ninaber van Eyben at Restaurant Savelsberg, Voorburg. A few days before he spent his bachelor party with many friends (amongst them Rinus Gerritsen and George Kooymans and photographer Rens Plascheck) on a boat.

Watch Kooymans and Carillo live at their VI-Oranje tv gig performing 'On Location" at the Scheveningen Kurhaus!

George Kooymans and Frank Carillo had to cancel several planned shows in a row due to circumstances like illness of Frank Carillo's wife. The show at the Hillegersberg Jazz festival on August 29, 2010 had to be cancelled due to very bad weather. Heavy rainfall and a storm with windforce 7 made the festival organisation cancel the festival around 17 hr. while the band was already at the festival site.

Golden Earring performed only at a few foreign festivals this summer. In July they gave a fine show at the Seebronn (Germany) located Rock Of Ages festival. In August they performed at the Suikerrock festival in Tienen and the Lokerse Feesten, both in Belgium. The rest of the summer was spent on vacation and making pre-recordings for their new cd at the Rocktown studio in Rotterdam. For the 2010-2011 several acoustic shows were mentioned in theatre programs. Check for the most up to date Golden Earring tour dates the tourdates listing on this Golden Earring Research website.

Suikerrock 2010 festival wristband as used by Casper Roos

George Kooymans and Frank Carillo performed several shows with the Barking Dogs in September again. September 03 2010 their show could be seen at Poppodium Het Front in Vroomshoop. They performed on September 10 2010 at the Groene Engel in Oss with support act Charley Cruz & The Lost Souls. This earlier planned show was postponed to September 10, 2010 due to an award presentation to Frank Carillo in the USA. On September 12 2010 George Kooymans and Frank Carillo performed at a fundraising for Sea Shepherd organisation in Amsterdam. Tickets costed 100 euro each including food and drinks but the event was sold out anyway.

Show announcement Kooymans Carillo Vroomshoop September 03 2010

On September 09, 2010 Cesar Zuiderwijk gave a drum clinic at the Van Nelle Fabriek, Rotterdam for the LOM congres after their lunch.

As most of us do know by now is that Barry Hay was the mystery guest for the Belgium and Dutch Night of The Proms shows. He performed Radar Love and When The Lady Smiles. What most of you don't know is that there was one Belgium private show (for Cera company) on November 06 2010. In Holland two Dutch additional shows for Sligro company were scheduled for November 22 and 23 2010 at Rotterdam Ahoy.

Show poster Belgian 2010 Night Of The Proms concerts

On November 21, 2010 Cesar Zuiderwijk presented the first copy of the photo book "No More Heroes" to photographer Kees Tabak at the Cultuurhuis Diamantslijperij in Amsterdam. Cesar was present with his wife Hester, amongst the artists present were Bertus Borgers and Jasper van 't Hof.

On November 25, 2010 Cesar Zuiderwijk opened the new greenhouse ("kas") at Dorrepaal aan de Vliet (Voorburg)

On November 26, 2010 Barry Hay performed in concert with the Sir Olivers Band in Barendrecht. Barry Hay was special guest and performed at least Spinning Wheel and Radar Love.

Cesar Zuiderwijk performed again with Percossa Percussion on December 04, 2010 in Londen in the Selfridges store with the kitchen act from their theater program 'Alle Gekheid Met Een Stokje'. The performance is sponsored by and to promote Fissler pans.

For December 2010 3 electric shows were planned at Tilburg, Amsterdam and Leeuwarden. These shows had to be cancelled due to voice problems George Kooymans. The bad news was published on the official site on December 01, 2010. Voice problems became obvious to fans at a Kooymans\Carillo show in Oss in September 2010 when George asked the audience to sing the words for South Side Lady as he wasn't able to do it well himself. As we know now the problem lasted longer than expected and professional help was needed. Golden Earring was forced several times before to cancel shows in a row. 8 shows in a row had to be cancelled when Barry Hay suffered of a severe food poisening and two traffic accidents in the life of Rinus Gerritsen were also the reason the band had to cancel several shows and seek temporarily replacement for their ill bassist.

On December 15, 2010 the presentation of the "Barry Hay, Kissing a Dream" documentary by Hadassah de Boer took place at De Melkweg - Amsterdam.

Patrick Orriens informed me about a new Radar Love cover in a jazz version which was released on album in March 2011 by the German band Gordon Blue. As always Patrick is the best informed person on the globe about Radar Love and all it's versions. The version by Gordon Blue is a jazz version and a preview of the album can be found on YouTube (see video below) Radar Love can be heard at around 4.15 minutes. The track was released on December 17, 2010 and will also be a single for the album and can be downloaded from Itunes now. The band describes their version as "When you are into Seventies Hippie Rock you surely liked (maybe even danced to) the power groove of GOLDEN EARRING's "Radar Love". In GORDON BLUE's swinging transcription the driving force is brought in on piano (with a Birdland-twist)." The album is called The Hippie Standards and some of the other tracks on the album are Fire And Rain, Hey Joe, Walking In Memphis, Smoke On The Water and several more!

Cesar Zuiderwijk did perform several theatre shows in the fourth quarter of 2010 and the show will be continued into 2011. For October 2011 a new show called with workingtitle "Trommelfruit" is planned. "Een gezond programma voor drummers en normale mensen."

In 2011 there was a new Golden Earring cd release planned. Pre-recordings for a new Golden Earring cd were made during 2010 at Ocki Klootwijks Rotterdam based Rocktown Studio. Due to the present voice problems George Kooymans it is expected the release of this cd will be delayed as the final recordings are planned to take place at the London based Abbey Road Studio's in February and March 2011. As all December 2010 shows were cancelled it remained unsure whether these recordings would take place and when.

Golden Earring show poster December 11, 2010 Amsterdam - Heineken Music Hall

In 2010 an Another 45 Miles cover was released by:
2010 NL: Backsound (Youtube video from radio broadcast)

In 2010 Radar Love covers were released by:
2010 Germany: Gordon Blue - Radar Love (ITunes download)
2010 UK?: Rosie And The Cobras - Greatest Hitz(CD)

In 2010 a Twilight Zone cover was released by:
2010 USA: Heaven Below - Heaven Below EP (6 track EP & 4 mp3's)

Heaven Below selftitled EP 2010

"Too Much Of A Risk For A Golden Disc" (Ce Soir - Golden Earring)

2011 - A new year, a new start. The band was working on recording a new cd and made demo's for it in 2010. All songs were already recorded as a demo in the Rotterdam based Rocktown studio owned by Ocki Klootwijk. Rehearsels for the cd-recordings were done at Musicon, The Hague with additional musician Jan Rooymans on keyboards and additional vocals. This cd would be recorded at the London Abbey Road Studio's, well known from the Beatles who recorded there as well as many other famous artists. They will use the semi live concept again. Play the songs kinda live and record them at the same time. Several guest musicians will assist and amongst them is the American guitarist Frank Carillo. The release date is not known yet. Recordings would have taken place at the end of February\beginning of March 2011. But due to the continuing voice problems guitarist George Kooymans was experiencing the studio booking was cancelled. All acoustic shows untill May 2011 were postponed into the 2011-2012 season. The electric shows untill April 26, 2011 were postponed and re-scheduled.

Mojo press release cancelled Golden Earring shows

Here is an updated overview of all scheduled 2011 shows:

23-04-2011 Concert in Den Hout - Paaspop (Electric show)
24-04-2011 Concert in Schijndel - Paaspop (Electric show)
27-04-2011 Concert in Amsterdam - Heineken Music Hall (Electric show)
30-04-2011 Concert in Hamburg (Germany) - Alsterdorfer Sporthalle (Electric show)
13-05-2011 Concert in Tilburg - 013 (Electric show)
11-06-2011 Concert in Raalte - Megatent (Electric show)
24-06-2011 Concert in Bremerhaven (Germany) - Festival (Electric show)
25-06-2011 Concert in Strijen - Open Air VV Strijen (Electric show)
09-09-2011 Concert in Tiel - Megatent Appelpop (Electric show)
10-09-2011 Concert in Alblasserdam - Tent (Electric show)
17-09-2011 Concert in Eijsden - Megatent (Electric show)
23-09-2011 Concert in Heerhugowaard - Waerdse Tempel (Electric show)
24-09-2011 Concert in Den Haag - World Forum Theater (Acoustic show)
29-09-2011 Concert in Steenwijk - De Meenthe (Electric show)
18-10-2011 Concert in Groningen - Oosterpoort (Acoustic show)
22-10-2011 Concert in Leeuwarden - WTC Expo (Electric show)
24-10-2011 Concert in Den Bosch - Theater aan de Parade (Acoustic show)
26-10-2011 Concert in Haarlem - Philharmonie (Acoustic show)
29-10-2011 Concert in Steenwijk - De Meenthe (Electric show)
06-05-2011 Concert in Nieuw Vennep - Van Zantenhal (Electric show)
26-11-2011 Concert in Goes - Zeelandhallen (Electric show)
02-12-2011 Concert in Zwolle - IJsselhal (Electric show)
07-12-2011 Concert in Roosendaal - Schouwburg de Kring.
09-12-2011 Concert in Antwerpen - Lotto Arena (Electric show)

Please note all acoustic 2011 shows like Zoetermeer and Zaandam untill June 2011 have been cancelled and will be planned again in the 2011-2012 season.

AD Newspaper January 06, 2011 Intiem portret van de mens Barry Hay.

On January 08, 2011 the Barry Hay documentary "Kissing A Dream" was shown on Dutch tv at "Het uur van de wolf program" on Nederland 3.

Former roadie and Golden Earring stagemanager Maarten Baggerman passed away on January 08, 2011 at the age of 61 after being ill for several years. A famous and much spoken of man has gone, Going To The Run now. The cremation took place on January 14 2011 in Den Haag. He meant a lot in Golden Earring history, may he rest in peace....

Maarten Baggerman as soigneur to Barry Hay Maarten Baggerman in the Eighties Sneekweek Maarten Baggerman Helden-Panningen Golden Earring show August 03, 1977

(Pictures uploaded by Mo on

Former tour manager Maarten Baggerman met the band backstage again before their Ahoy concert in February 2008. Here is a fine picture made backstage after this event.
Maarten became ill that year so this was a nice reunion as he met many friends and former co-employees.

Maarten Baggerman and Golden Earring February 2008

Ahoy backstage picture thanks to Huib and Maarten Baggerman!

Maarten Baggerman with 1974 us tour personnel

Maarten Baggerman with Golden Earring Roadcrew

On March 08 2011 a new sampler 2cd was released called Golden Earring Very Best of Vol. 2.

Golden Earring Very Best of Vol. 2 sampler cd 2011

Rinus Gerritsen can be heard on a cd called Drifting by Joakim Peter. More info in dutch here.

Cesar Zuiderwijk could be heard on March 18 2011 at BNR Business Radio talking about his theatre show "Drumbonen en Kaneelstokken".

Cesar Zuiderwijk performed with Percossa Percussion in concert on March 25 2011 at Etalagepop in Lichtenvoorde.

On March 27, 2011 George Kooymans presented the first copies of their cd "Welkom in de Wildernis" to Jack Bakkers & De Grensgevallen at Kadehuis - Roosendaal. George also performed some songs together with Jack Bakkers & De Grensgevallen on stage. Starting time 16 hr.

The in April 2011 issued Fanclub magazine 1-2011 contained an additional note from George Kooymans which referred to his voice problems which now are over. The due to these voice problems postponed new cd-recordings were planned for July 2011 at the London based Abbey Road studio's. But again misfortune struck: the Abbey road studio's were not available at the wanted dates so the band decided to book the State Of The Ark Studio in London. 14 songs are ready to be recorded! This April 2011 issue is the first fanclub magazine with an A4-size glossy colour cover.

On April 02, 2011 Barry Hay was present at the Ronald McDonald Kinderfonds Gala at the Okura hotel in Amsterdam. He performed about 30 minutes with The Clarks. More info here.

Cesar Zuiderwijk performed another "Drumbonen en Kaneelstokken" show on April 08 2011 at De Reehorst - Ede. This show was recorded for future dvd-release by Rainbow video productions who also was responsible for the Slagdroom theatre show DVD recordings.

On April 10, 2011 Cesar Zuiderwijk's Music Station organised a drum workshop with the famous drummer Rick Latham at Musicon Den Haag.

Drum workshop Rick Latham Musicon April 10, 2011

Cesar Zuiderwijk performed on April 11, 2011 at the Servicemanagerdag in Nijkerk.

Servicemanagerdag 2011 with Cesar Zuiderwijk

On April 14 2011 the 1992 Naked Truth album was relased for the very first time as a 2LP black vinyl release on the Dutch Music On Vinyl label.

On April 17 2011 Rinus Gerritsen performed again in session at Thom's Inn, Den Haag.

On April 25 2011 Cesar Zuiderwijk was present and performing at Haagse Beat reunie session at Paard van Troje - Den Haag.

On April 30 2011 Golden Earring would have performed at the 3rd edition of the Springtime Rock festival in Hamburg (Germany) This would have been the second time at this festival but the event was cancelled at the last moment due to low ticket sales.

Golden Earring festival flyer Hamburg - 3rd Springtime Rock Festival April 30, 2011

On May 06 2011 Rinus Gerritsen performed in session at Strandtent De Fuut - Den Haag (Boardwalk sessie)

On May 20, 2011 Barry Hay was rehearsing at the marine base Parrera sporthall with rockband Vibe and the Dutch Marines Steelband. He performed When The Lady Smiles and Radar Love with rockband Vibe and the Dutch Marines Steelband at the grand finale of the Caribische Vlootdagen at Otrobanda (Curaçao) on May 21 2011. Thes songs can be found on YouTube.

On May 21 2011 Cesar Zuiderwijk performed another Drumbonen en Kaneelstokken theatre show and workshop at Maassluis - Koningshof. DVD recordings were made of this theatre show as well.

Barry Hay would have performed in concert on May 27 2011 with On The Move Bigband and guitarist Eef Albers at 3rd Highlands Festival in Amersfoort, but due to obligations with Golden Earring his performance was cancelled.

On June 04 2011 Golden Earring would have performed at Scheveningen Beach again during the Royal Beach concert. This would have been the third Golden Earring beach concert but due to logistic and organisatoric reasons the festival was postponed to August 27, 2011 and moved to the Malieveld location near the center of the Hague. Golden Earring has performed several times at that location. Other booked artists for this concert were Do, Bryan Adams and Elton John. It remains unsure if all these artists are available at the newly planned date..... More info expected in the upcoming weeks.... In the meantime Golden Earring used this period for rehearsels and demo recordings along with guest musician Jan Rooymans on keyboards. Weeks later it still is unsure whether the concert would go on and if so where. But it looks like its gonna become one big disaster with upcoming claims from visitors who want to have a refund of their bought tickets and suppliers wo want payment for delivered services.... History learned the event was cancelled with many financial claims for the promotor and fans who paid for tickets ended up with no concert and no refund....

On June 10, 2011 the Barry Hay documentary "Kissing A Dream" was shown again on Dutch tv at "Het uur van de wolf program" on Nederland 3.

The initially for June 18, 2011 planned concert at Bremerhaven (Germany) - Festival with Status Quo, BAP was rescheduled to June 24, 2011 (Electric show)

"Going Somewhere" (Going Somewhere - working title for a soon to be recorded song by Golden Earring)

The new cd was recorded at the end of July and beginning of August 2011 in London at the State of the Ark recording studio's. Recording engineer is Chris Kimsey, wellknown from Rolling Stones cd-recordings. 15 songs are now ready to be recorded. Possible tracks to be recorded are "Stratosphere", "My Lips Are Sealed", "Identical" and "Going Somewhere". These are all working titles for songs which have been or are performed at present shows. Special guests on the album will be Jan Rooymans on keyboards and Frank Carillo (additional guitar) Bertus Borgers (saxophone) might be an option as well maybe as he is performing with the band for the last several years as well.... There is no release date or issuing record label known yet. Release is planned for late 2011\early 2012, but as said no actual date known yet. Finally the band is "Going Somewhere" in recording a new album.....

Golden Earring recorded their new (25th studio!) album at the State Of The Ark recording studio in London. Recordings are done by the well known sound engineer Chris Kimsey, additional musicians on the album are Frank Carillo (guitar) and Jan Rooymans (keyboards) 16 songs are ready now. In total this is the 33rd Golden Earring album!

New Golden Earring album recordings London with Chris Kimsey at the mixer - picture Jan Rooymans

New Golden Earring album recordings London - EMI mixer table - picture Jan Rooymans

New Golden Earring album recordings London with Cesar Zuiderwijk on drums - picture Jan Rooymans

New Golden Earring album recordings London Jan Rooymans gear - picture Jan Rooymans

New Golden Earring album recordings London - rented harmonium - picture Jan Rooymans

Recording the new 2011 Golden Earring cd: guitar overdub Nashville-tuning - picture Jan Rooymans

Cesar Zuiderwijk was one of the teachers again at the tenth edition of the Drumdriedaagse on August 12, 13 & 14, 2011.

Drumdriedaagse August 2011 announcement

Rinus Gerritsen performed in session on Augustus 13, 2011 at Thom's Inn in Den Haag with Eef Alberts (guitar) and Pierre van der Linden (Former Focus drummer)

Info recently added!September 06, 2011 - Rinus Gerritsen in session video Thom's Inn.

Kooymans & Carillo performed several concerts again in 2011. Known dates are August 26, 2011 at Weert - De Bosuil, August 27, 2011 at Dordrecht - Bibelot and September 02, 2011 at Den Haag - Paard van Troje. More concerts will be announced! For the latest update check out the 2011 tourdates file on this website.

For September 03, 2011 the opening of a new exhibition about Golden Earring was done at the The Hague based Historical Museum to celebrate 50 years Golden Earring.

See Kooymans and Carillo's Temptation song at Paard Den Haag end in an a capella version due to fire alarm at the venue! YouTube movie thanks to TrackWatcher! Setlist information will be added soon!

George Kooymans and Frank Carillo signed show ticket September 02, 2011 Den Haag - Paard van Troje, with show plectrums (Collection Casper Roos)

In the new Dutch Police serie "Seinpost Den Haag" the Golden Earring song I Can't Sleep Without You" was heard. Broadcast date unknown.

Cesar Zuiderwijk performed a drum clinic on September 03, 2011 in the afternoon in Amsterdam. Venue unknown.

October 13, 2011 - The Cesar Zuiderwijk "Drumbonen en kaneelstokken" theatre show is now released on dvd. It can be bought at for example and at the upcoming "Trommelfruit" theatre shows. More info to be published soon once I have received it from producer Rob von Romer.

Cesar Zuiderwijk

Cesar Zuiderwijk performed several of his Drumbonen and Kaneelstokken theatre shows again. From September 2011 on a new show with working title called "Trommelfruit" was performed ("Een gezond programma voor drummers en normale mensen.")

Check out the Trommelfruit theatre show website for more information!

Known dates for this show are September 29, 2011 in Zoetermeer - De Boerderij, October 12, 2011 in Eindhoven - Parktheater and November 18, 2011 in Amstelveen - Schouwburg Amstelveen. More shows were announced as the tour was continued into the year 2012!

Cesar Zuiderwijk Trommelfruit promotional photo

Update TROMMELFRUIT theatre shows Cesar Zuiderwijk :
September 28, 2011 Cesar Zuiderwijk on tour: Trommelfruit theatre show in Rosmalen - Perron 3 14.00 UUR ticket 21,50 euro
October 27, 2011 Cesar Zuiderwijk on tour: Trommelfruit theatre show in Heerlen - Theater Heerlen 20.30 UUR ticket 15/18/21/24 euro
November 12, 2011, Cesar Zuiderwijk on tour: Trommelfruit theatre show in Hoogeveen - De Tamboer, ticket 22 euro, 20.15 UUR ticket 22 euro
November 19, 2011, Cesar Zuiderwijk on tour: Trommelfruit theatre show in Lelystad - Agora, ticket 19 euro 20.30 hr
January 07, 2012, Cesar Zuiderwijk on tour: Trommelfruit theatre show in Bergeijk - Theater De Kattendans, ticket 17,50 euro 20.30 hr
January 21, 2012, Cesar Zuiderwijk on tour: Trommelfruit theatre show in Gouda - Goudse Schouwburg, ticket 19 euro 20.30 hr
February 25, 2012, Cesar Zuiderwijk on tour: Trommelfruit theatre show in Zaandam - Zaantheater, ticket 21,75 euro
March 03, 2012 Cesar Zuiderwijk on tour: Trommelfruit theatre show in Olst - Holstohus theater, ticket 18,50 euro
March 04, 2012 Cesar Zuiderwijk on tour: Trommelfruit theatre show in Berlicum - Den Durpsherd, 14, hr, ticket 19,50 euro

On November 04, 2011 Golden Earring performed a private show for Staal bankiers to celebrate their 95th year of existance.

December 03, 2011 - Received setlist info for Goes and Zwolle shows. In Zwolle Buddy Joe, Vanilla Queen and Back Home were added to the setlist again (3 extra songs!) Thank you Andre Kramer!

On December 07, 2011 Golden Earring received the Veronica Top 1000 Award 2011 for hit positions in every of the 20 editions of the Top 1000. The award was given backstage at the Roosendaal Schouwburg de Kring where the band performed that evening.

Golden Earring received the Top 1000 award at Roosendaal show!.

On December 09, 2011 Golden Earring performed in concert in Antwerpen\Anvers (Belgium) at the Lotto Arena (Electric show). This was the last show in 2011. The Lotto Arena was sold out (8000 visitors) From this show Belgian TV Een broadcasted show views and an interview with Barry Hay and George Kooymans on December 10, 2011.

Golden Earring was seen on December 10, 2011 on the Belgian news on TV 1 with their Antwerpen show. Can anybody send me the video (rip) from this broadcast?

Golden Earring show December 09, 2011 Lotto Arena - Antwerpen

Rock photographer Philippe Denayer published some cool photos of last Friday's Golden Earring 2012 show in Antwerp: Link here

December 14, 2011 - Just released the DVD Top2000 A GoGo (15 Euro) with the 26 best background reports about the best hits of the past, including a 7 minute item about Radar Love.

On December 22, 2011 a new sampler 2lp was announced on called From Heaven From Hell, the album will be in gold color vinyl. Release date announced for February 06, 2012.

From December 28, 2011 on Cesar Zuiderwijk's Music Station drum school organised workshops again for the upcoming three days!

3 drum workshops by Cesar Zuiderwijk December 2011 at Music Station

2012 - The acoustic theatre shows were continued in the 2011 - 2012 season. The extra concert on May 14, 2012 at Zoetermeer - Stadstheater was planned due to high demand of tickets. Golden Earring was already booked for May 15, 2012 and this show was sold out quickly. Most up to date overview is the 2014 tour dates file on this website.

Golden Earring Beverwijk 2012 show announcement

On May 11, 2012 the new Golden Earring cd Tits 'n Ass was released. To celebrate this release Universal Records and Dutch Radio 2 organised a cd presentation showcase on May 10, 2012 at the Paradiso - Amsterdam. Tickets were sold out quickly. On May 10, 2012 the band performed an small in store gig at 14 hr at the Amsterdam - Apple store as well. Just before their cd presentation the band was present at the De Wereld Draait Door tv show.

Golden Earring 2012 Tits 'n Ass cd, release May 11, 2012

Check out the the great version of Twilight Zone during the Tits 'n Ass album presentation at Paradiso. Preceeded with the band introduction by Ronald Plasterk, boy this congress man made a lot of mistakes when he talks about Golden Earring, hilarious!.

From the Tits 'N Ass album an I-Tunes download only single was released called Still Got The Keys To My Old Cadillac. The single was also released as a limited editon promo cdsingle.

Golden Earring x single 2012

Golden Earring performed an electric show on May 12, 2012 at Stadskanaal - Muziekarena Sportpark Noord.

On June 02, 2012 Golden Earring performed at Strijen again for the 15th time. Strijen is an anual show on the Golden Earring tour dates listing over the past years and a nice event!

On August 29, 2012 Golden Earring performed a private acoustic show at the Amsterdam Olympic stadium for Visa Creditcard company personel.

On September 27, 2012 Golden Earring received a golden record for their latest cd Tits 'N Ass. The award was presented at the Amsterdam Hard Rock Café. The band received the golden cd out of the hands of former Rolling Stones bass player Bill Wyman. There were also golden albums for producer John Sonneveld, Jan Rooymans (additional musician and present at the venue) and Frank Carillo (additional musician, not present)

Several items were found on the internet about The golden record for the Tits 'N Ass cd which was presented at the Amsterdam Hard Rock Café on September 27, 2012.

Golden record presentation on YouTube video.

CD presentation item at Dutch TV show De Wereld Draait Door.

Rinus Gerritsen was seen in an item at regional TV West broadcast.

Golden Earring performed another Belgium show on September 15, 2012 in Olen (Belgium) at the Olenfest festival with support act Vertex (Electric show)

On September 28, 2012 Golden Earring performed at the Joe FM Top 2000 radio show in Vilvoorde (Belgium). Check out an interview and information about Golden Earring closing the Joe FM Top 2000 radio show with a radio promo concert in Vilvoorde, Belgium.

On October 13, 2012 George Kooymans received the Eddy Christiani award today for his efforts for and achievementss in the Dutch music. George Kooymans performed a gig with the Barking Dogs. George Kooymans interviewed about the award.

Also on October 13, 2012 there was a presentation at Museum Rock Art in Hoek van Holland of the CD Urban Heroes "Back In Town" and Single "Hot Tub". (Guest musician Rinus Gerritsen) Followed by book presentation "Rock'n Roll Snapshots" in which lead singer Evert Nieuwstede wrote about his experiences with national and international artists. The first copy of the book was presented to him by Rinus Gerritsen and René Bom.

On October 13, 2012 Cesar Zuiderwijk performed on tour with his Trommelfruit theatre show in Uden - Theater Markant (with workshop)

Barry Hay performed a solo show on October 31, 2012 with his Flying V formation at Paard - Den Haag. You can find a show review here. Amongst the musicians who upstaged Barry Hay at his flying V formation at Paard - Den Haag concert are Jan Rooymans (keyboards, backing vocals), Pablo van der Poel (guitars, also known from his band The Wolff), Daim de Rijke (Drums) and Huub van Loon (on electronic bass)

Barry Hay and his Flying V formation Promotional photo by Sacha Grootjans
(Promotional photo by Sacha Grootjans - published at Barry Hay Music website)

Check out the new site about Barry Hay and his Flying V formation. We all know this band took it's first flight last month as they appeared on October 31, 2012 at Paard - Den Haag. From this show several photo's and 3 sneak preview mp3's can be found on this website and give an impression about this new formation which is about to rock the summer festivals it seems!

Golden Earring performed an electric show at Nieuw Vennep - Van Zantenhal on November 03, 2012.

Ad Golden Earring show Nieuw Vennep November 03, 2012

On November 04, 2012 the Golden Earring De Amerikaanse Droom book presentation took place at Rock Art museum in Hoek van Holland. Rinus Gerritsen was present to receive one of the first copies of the book. The authors of this book thanked me in the credit section of the book (page 251). They have used the unofficial Golden Earring Tour Dates listing and Golden Earring story info on my website amongst many other sources in their quest for perfection. I'm honoured!

On November 19, 2012 two new coloured vinyl Golden Earring releases from the Music On Vinyl label arrived in stores: The Golden Ear-rings first album Just Ear-rings and Golden Earrings Miracle Mirror (gatefold sleeve) were both re-released in the Dutch Masters limited edition in three versions: with red, white vinyl and blue vinyl, each colour in 333 copies only. You can't order by colour it seems and from the outside you can't see the vinyl colour... Nice for collectors, bad for your wallet....

Golden Earring Music on Vinyl Dutch Masters  re-releases November 19, 2012

Golden Earring performed two shows at Wateringen again on November 23 and 24, 2012. The band couldn't play there for several years as the old Velohal was renovated. This year due to high ticket demand the band performed two shows there. These shows were sold out very quickly as always. Support act was The 3rd Man. A small pre-view article about these shows was published in AD newspaper on July 18, 2012: Golden Earring in Velo-hal.

Golden Earring performed it's last 2012 show in Kerkrade at the Rodahal.

Cesar Zuiderwijk organised 3 drum workshops again on 28, 29 and 30 December 2012 at Music station.

3 drum workshops by Cesar Zuiderwijk December 2012 at Music Station

On December 30, 2012 - Rinus Gerritsen was present and performed along during the presentation of Jaap de Jonckheere his cd Storm at the tennis vereniging Houtrust today. (Rinus Gerritsen on bass with Jaap de Jonckheere guitar, Eric Pronk on drums, Patrick Lejewaan on keyboards and Matthijs Seepers on trumpet) Rinus Gerritsen doesn't perform on the cd.


For 2013 many Golden Earring shows are booked both acoustic and electric. The band will perform electric shows on many festivals this year but acoustic shows will be done as well. Tour dates are in the 2013 tour dates file on this website. Cesar Zuiderwijk will continue his Trommelfruit shows in 2013 also. Most up to date overview is the 2013 tour dates file on this website.

On January 05, 2013 was the (repeated) broadcast of the Golden Earring making Tits 'N Ass documentary at Dutch TV3 around 20 hr. This is not the full 2,5 hour documentary which is found on the Tits 'N Ass limited cd\dvd edition but an 1,5 hour excerpt. The original broadcast was on July 28, 2012. For more information what happened in Golden Earring history check out the updated radio and tv broadcasts file on this Golden Earring Research website.

Cesar Zuiderwijk was seen at Max TV on January 09, 2013 talking about his Trommelfruit theatre show in the Studio Max Live tv show.

Info recently added!January 11, 2013 - Cesar Zuiderwijk was seen at Max TV on January 09, 2013 talking about his Trommelfruit theatre show in the Studio Max Live tv show.

January 2013 Golden Earring has been nominated for an Edison Award again. At the groups section they are nominated with Kane and Nick & Simon. More info soon.

Golden Earring started their 2013 tour on January 21, 2013 in Schiedam - Theater aan de Schie with an acoustic show. Show rehearsels were planned for January 20, 2013 at this theatre, but due to heavy snowfall and bad weather conditions the rehearsels were postponed to the afternoon of the Schiedam show itself. Meanwhile Cesar Zuiderwijk performed several Trommelfruit shows in January before he started to play with Golden Earring again.

On January 25, 2013 the band performed a show in Den Haag again at the World Forum Theatre. Fans saw a very inspired band in optima forma and the setlist was slightly adjusted. The band opened with Back Home and performed Sound Of The Screaming Day and Buddy Joe as first three songs. As always Barry Hay played the flute on Back Home.

Golden Earring show poster january 25, 2013 Den Haag - WFT

Early January 2013 rumours floated around Golden Earring will perform in the UK again. So far nothing but rumours yet, but on this unofficial ticket site these concert seems to be confirmed although not with dates and venues yet. It looks like this site is trying to attract people only to sell way to expensive tickets for Dutch shows....

Although Cesar Zuiderwijk still has to perform several Trommelfruit shows he already announced the name of the succesor of this show. It will be called Drummoires. An article about this is found here at website A first date is known: February 08, 2013 in Den Haag - Paard van Troje.

On February 01, 2013 the German digipack version of the 2012 cd Tits 'N Ass was released.

Golden Earring had to postpone five acoustic shows in a row due to flu of Barry Hay. It started with the show on February 05, 2013 in Hoogeveen - De Tamboer. New date for this show was set at April 24, 2013. Later that week the shows in Groningen, Doetinchem and Gouda (2x) had to be postponed to April and May 2013 as well.

George Kooymans was one of the twelve guitarists who performed at the Gitaarjongens event at Amsterdam Carré on March 04, 2013. The other guitarists are: Jan Akkerman, Harry Sacksioni, Arthur Ebeling, J.B Meijers, Anne Soldaat, Daniel Lohues, Henny Vrienten, Eelco Gelling, Jan Hendriks, Rudy de Queljoe, Anton Goudsmit and Pablo van de Poel. Tickets 44, 37 and 27 euro.

Gitaar jongens show poster Amsterdam Carréo March 04, 2013

The flu struck again in March. Barry Hay got ill again and two acoustic shows in a row (Alphen aan de Rijn and Zoetermeer) had to be cancelled. Later that week the Arnhem show was performed. Barry Hay wasn't recovered fully but was able to perform.)

Cesar Zuiderwijk at The Passion March 28, 2013 Den Haag - Hofvijver (show photo courtesy The Passion website)

The Paaspop 2013 festival at Schijndel featured Barry Hay's Flying V formation. This is the second show of the band on stage. They had their first "flight" on October 31, 2012 in Den Haag - Paard van Troje.

Paaspop 2013 Festival poster with Barry Hay's Flying V formation

Barry Hay will also perform twice with De Helden van Amstel event in 2013. 3 shows are planned so far and Barry Hay will perform at two of these shows: Alkmaar, April 06, 2013 at AFAS Stadion and Utrecht, October 19, 2013 at Park Transwijk. Barry Hay will be performing covers of The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and Elvis Presley. Tickets costs 35 euro each but will cost less if you order 6 or more. More info at the Helden van Amstel website.

Cesar Zuiderwijk, Rinus Gerritsen and Eef Albers performed in session on April 17, 2013 at Paard podium café, ticket 10 euro, presale started September 15, 2012.

The earlier on for 2012 scheduled session at Paradox - Tilburg was re-scheduled to April 16, 2013. Ticket 13 euro. One day later this trio performs again at Den Haag - Paard podium café. Later on the for April 16, 2013 scheduled show was re-scheduled to May 16, 2013.

On April 20, 2013 Golden Earring performed in Germany again in Emden at the Nordseehalle. The band performed here earlier. This time they performed with Manfred Mann's Eartband.

Golden Earring Emden 2013 show ad

At the end of the acoustic season many electric shows were booked. Mainly festival performances but also some own organised shows. On April 26, 2013 the band Golden Earring performed in Beverwijk again.

Golden Earring Beverwijk 2013 show announcement

During Spring\Summer 2013 Rinus Gerritsen was busy recording his second solo album. Many artists helped along. Amongst the guests was the Belgium band Triggerfinger in April 2013. The song he's playing with his Belgian friends Rinus wrote many years ago, Barry Hay’s lyrics however aren’t dated at all !! Who can guess the title for this song is a question on his Facebook page. Through the 80's Shell Schellekens worked as producer with Golden Earring on several albums, now Shell plays the drums on some tracks of the Rinus Garage solo project. Bit by bit more info becomes known. So Rinus has been working on a song called "Jealous". Who's jealous he asked on his Facebook page called Rinus Garage? Saxophone player Boris van der Lek is also on the album and driftin away on one of the tracks. Also on the album is Rinus daughter Natousch who does some vocals. Check out Rinus Gerritsen The Garage Facebook page!

May 05, 2013 Golden Earring appeared in Zoetermeer at the Open Air Bevrijdingsfestival. This free show was performed at de Markt in the center of the city in front of over 10.000 visitors.

On May 08, 2013 Golden Earring performed an electric show during the Vlierden Kermis week at Feesttent in Vlierden near Zaal Thijssen.

Barry Hay performed with his Flying V formation on June 30, 2013 at the Parkpop Festival - Den Haag.

On July 12, 2013 Golden Earring and ZZ Top were performing at the Rock Zottegem festival 2013 in the same weekend. Golden Earring and ZZ Top once performed both at the same show. This was way back on June 16, 1974 when they performed during Golden Earring's third USA tour in Denver, Colorado at the Coliseum. These two bands also performed at the Bospop festival in Weert on July 14, 2013.

On July 18, 2013 Cesar Zuiderwijk became 65 and this was celebrated with a surprise party at Theater Diligentia in The Hague. Regional tv station TV West broadcasted the highlights from this event during two broadcasts. On the on September 15, 2013 released dvd Trommelfruit by Cesar Zuiderwijk is a bonus feature about this 65 birthday surprise party as well.

Golden Earring appeared on all the large festivals in 2013. On July 27, 2013 they performed at the Zwarte Cross Festival in Lichtenvoorde, they also performed at the Appelpop festival in Tiel on September 13, 2013 (Free show)

Golden Earring Zwarte Cross 2013 show logo

Cesar Zuiderwijk was one of the teachers again during the twelveth Drum3Daagse 2013 at Musicon Den Haag.

On September 15, 2013 Cesar Zuiderwijk Trommelfruit had a dvd signing session at the Paagman bookstore in Den Haag. A week later there was another session at Magna Plaza in Amsterdam.

Cesar Zuiderwijk went on tour again with his new Drummoires theatre show in Heiloo - De Beun (with workshop) on September 28, 2013. This was the first performance of the show. Many more shows are scheduled for the 2013 - 2014 season.

Cesar Zuiderwijk Drummoires promotional photo

Rinus Gerritsen was seen performing along in several sessions like Rotterdam with Alain Clark, in Den Haag at the Pronk sessions at Pier 32 beach house and De Regentenkamer - Den Haag at the storm session with Jaap de Jonckheere.

café Ari sessie September 27, 2013 with Rinus Gerritsen

One of the few foreign Golden Earring shows abroad is the show in Nordhorn at the Euregium Sporthalle on October 26, 2013.

As almost every year Golden Earring performed a show in Wateringen at the Velohal again on November 09, 2013.

Golden Earring concert poster Wateringen November 08, 2013

On November 23, 2013 Cesar Zuiderwijk performed in Emmen at the Cajon festival. More info here:Emmen Nu on line web article.

More Golden Earring shows: December 07, 2013 concert in Antwerpen - Lotto Arena (Electric show) and December 13, 2013 concert in Amsterdam - Heineken Music Hall (Electric show) The for December 14, 2013 scheduled concert in Amsterdam - Heineken Music Hall (Electric show) was re-scheduled to December 13, 2013 on the official Golden Earring website.

Golden Earring show ad December 13, 2013 Antwerpen - Lotto Arena

Info recently added!December 16, 2013 - Dutch Radio 2 probably gets a 60.000 euro penalty for organising the 2012 Golden Earring Tits 'N Ass live showcase at Paradiso. Dutch ministry officials claim Radio 2 supported a second party (Golden Earring) which is not allowed for a Dutch public national radio station.... Raduio 2 mentioned they would record the show for a later broadcast but Golden Earring refused a day before the show case the needed permission. Need to find more about this but have information pointing out the above mentioned fact. Final result not known to me.

Cesar Zuiderwijk organised 2 drum workshops each day on 27, 28 and 29 December 2013 at Music Station.

3 drum workshops by Cesar Zuiderwijk December 2013 at Music Station ad

In 2013 a When The Lady Smiles cover was released by:
2013 NL: Johannes Rypma - x (CD)

In 2013 a Radar Love cover was released by:
2013 UK: Space Lady - b-side to a limited edition 7inch vinyl single Major Tom\Radar Love (7")


For 2014 many Golden Earring shows were booked both acoustic and electric. The band performed electric shows on many festivals this year but acoustic shows were done as well. Tour dates are in the 2014 tour dates file on this website. Cesar Zuiderwijk continued his Drummoires shows in 2014 also.

First upcoming Golden Earring show at Vrienden van Amstel Live event on January 16, 2014. This was NOT be a full Golden Earring show as Golden Earring participates in the main event with many performing artists on one evening. In the past many artists performed with each other in jams or performing each others songs. If Golden Earring band members will do so is not known to me. Racoon singer Bart van der Weide performed along with Golden Earring on vocals. Also a song was done with Miss Montreal. In total 8 of these Vrienden van Amstel shows were performed in January 2014 (all sold out)

Vrienden van Amstel 2014 promo announcement

Vrienden van Amstel 2014 promo announcement

Rinus Gerritsen recorded a new version of the Golden Earring song Annie which was released as a single b-side for the single No For An Answer. The new version was released on January 24, 2014 at the Rinus Garage Facebook page from Rinus Gerritsen. It's a great new version very different to the first one. The new version features Rinus Gerritsen on piano and vocals, his daughter Natousch, former Golden Earring producer Shell Schellekens on drums and Thijs Kramer on violin (knwon from the Golden Earring Face It album contributions)

Golden Earring drummer Cesar Zuiderwijk was part of a Livin' Blues reunion. He played along on February 09, 2014 in Nieuw-Vennep with former members of Livin' Blues, the band in which he was once the drummer himself. Livin' Blues was admitted to the Dutch Blues Hall of Fame. Check out a video from this unique concert with Cesar Zuiderwijk on drums!

Cesar Zuiderwijk February 09, 2014 in Nieuw-Vennep with former members of Livin' Blues

In een uitverkocht huis werd op zondag 9 februari 2014 Livin' Blues opgenomen in de Dutch Blues Hall of Fame. Voor deze gelegenheid speelde een deel van de oude bezetting samen met een aantal leden van Livin' Blues Xperience in Hotel De Rustende Jager, Nieuw-Vennep.

Nicko Christiansen - Zang, Saxofoon
Cesar Zuiderwijk - Drums
Ruud van Buuren - Bas
Bas Kleine - Mondharmonica
Loek van der Knaap - Gitaar

Radar Love website webmaster Patrick Orriëns sent me the fact the 600th (!) Radar Love cover is reached! The concert DVD 'Bronnen' which was released January 2014 (Artist & Company) by the populaire Dutch band 3Js features Radar Love cover version number 600 in a live version! Another historic Radar Love moment.

2014 3Js Bronnen 2014 DVD release with Radar Love cover

Found a message on the internet by Robert Haagsma who announced the following: I am very very excited to announce that starting with # 2500 the book Passion for Vinyl will include a vinyl single with two BRAND NEW RARE tracks. One side features a new version of the Golden Earring song The Wall of Dolls, originally from their untitled 1970's album. It's a song recently recorded by Rinus Garage, a work in progress solo project by Golden Earring bass player Rinus Gerritsen. This particular track features all members by the Belgian rock band Triggerfinger.

I am also very proud that – with big thanks to the Rise Above Records label – Electric Fogg by British psych and doom metal band The Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell will feature on the other side of the 7". For those who already bought the first run of the book: the Rinus Garage single will we available separately at a later stage.

Cesar Zuiderwijk was one of the performing artists at the Spring Rhythm festival on March 23, 2014.

Op 23 maart drummen een groot aantal amateurdrummers, samen met bekende drummers als Cesar Zuiderwijk (Golden Earring), Martijn Bosman (Kane/Guus Meeuwis), Jimmy van den Nieuwenhuizen (van Velzen/Loïs Lane) en Ton op ’t Hof (Los Vast/Bill Wyman) op het Spring Rhythm Festival. Dit initiatief heeft als achterliggende gedachte dat Veronica-dj Silvan Stoet als ambassadeur van het Longfonds, herrie wil maken om Nederland bekend te laten worden met de naam Longfonds, voorheen bekend als Het Astma Fonds. Festival info website info here.

Official info in Dutch at the Spring Rhythm Festival website here.

Cesar Zuiderwijk performed at the Spring Rhythm event on March 23, 2014 in Bunnik at Studio A12. Here is an information picture about that event. Thank you Ruud Mols!

Cesar Zuiderwijk at Spring Rhythm event information March 23, 2014 Bunnik - StudioA12

Golden Earring was booked for a Germany show in Dortmund on April 26, 2014. However this show was cancelled by the promotor due to unknown reasons.

Golden Earring show poster April 26, 2014 Dortmund (Germany) - Westfalenhalle 2

On April 19, 2014 (Record Store Day) a limited RSD 2014 issue of 1000 numbered copies of "The Wall of Dolls" track recorded by Rinus Gerritsen was released. Rinus' Garage is the home (garage) recording studio of Rinus Gerritsen (bass player for Golden Earring) located in Voorburg, The Netherlands. None other than Belgian Rock heroes Triggerfinger stopped by the studio and recorded the Golden Earring classic "The Wall of Dolls" with Rinus on bass, and performed the original "Annie" for the B-side of this wonderful, one-time only RSD 7" (Catalogue info: Muisc On Vinyl MOV7025) This song Annie was earlier released as a 1980 Golden Earring No For An Answer single B-side only release (Polydor 2002 015)

Rinus Gerritsen 2014 Wall Of Dolls limited edition vinyl single

The band "De Regâhs" from The Hague did release a Radar Love cover version called "Kolduh Ierings" on May 23, 2014 during their Regâh Love cd presentation at Paard - Den Haag! Ticket sale has started, at Paard website. Tickets cost 10 euro each ex 2,50 fee, cd at that evening was sold for 10 euro. Rinus Gerritsen and Jaap de Jonckheere performed along during the song Kolduh Ierings! The first copy of the album was presented to Rinus Gerritsen by master of ceremony Rene Bom.

Rinus Gerritsen received first Regahs cd - Regah Love release May 23 2014

Op vrijdag 23 mei presenteert de Haagse flamingo groep De Règâhs hun nieuwe CD "Règâh Love" in de grote zaal van Paard van Troje. De CD is een ode aan bands uit de "règâioh" Den Haag. De titel van de cd verwijst, uiteraard, naar het nummer Radar Love van dé bekendste band uit de Hofstad, de "Kolduh Iering!". Deze band is prominent aanwezig op de CD middels een typische Règâhs bewerking van een aantal van hun tophits in de vorm van een medley. Maar "Règâh Love" staat ook voor de liefde van de Règâhs voor hun stad én de bands die er vandaan komen.

Veel beroemde namen passeren de revue, waaronder (naast de Golden Earring) Q65, Anouk, Livin′ Blues, Tee Set, de Kraaien, Harrie Jekkers, Greenfield & Cook en natuurlijk De Règâhs zelf. Tijdens de presentatie zullen ook enkele artiesten van voornoemde bands acte de presence geven. Naast nummers van de nieuwe CD zullen de Règâhs zeker ook een hoop bekende eigen nummers spelen zoals "De meisjes uit Den Haag". Als je een dansje wilt maken is dat uiteraard ook mogelijk. Je kunt de kunst een beetje afkijken van een aantal echte "flamingo" danseressen of gewoon lekker je eigen gang gaan.

De CD is die avond voor een "nès près" (1 joetje) te koop en je bent binnen voor nog 1 joetje. Kortom: voor 1 zit je goed, maar voor 2 bétâh!

Regahs cd - Regah Love release May 23 2014

Since early June 2014 a new Volkswagen TV commercial is broadcasted which contains Golden Earring's Radar Love track in the background!

On June 05, 2014 Barry Hay was one of the guests in a special RTL Late night tv show broadcast about singer Thé Lau. They performed one song together called Zuster. Barry sung in Dutch which he rarely does....

Humberto Tan RTL Late Night show

On June 07 2014 Cesar Zuiderwijk performed again with The Clarks at the Kaderock Festival 2014 in Den Haag at Musicon in the afternoon and in the evening he performed with Golden Earring.

Kaderock 2014 festival poster

On June 07 2014 Golden Earring performed a one hour festival show during the Retropop festival in Emmen. The festival was sold out with 15.000 visitors attending.

Retropop festival promotion

On June 28 2014 Golden Earring performed in concert in Den Haag at the Zuiderpark at the Night at the Park festival. This a to be paid for show the day before the free Open Air Parkpop festival on June 29, 2014!


Info recently added!March 06, 2014 - Golden Earring will perform on June 28, 2014 in The Hague at a new festival called Night At The Park.

TV West has a webpage about this event. Below this paragraph is the official festival press release for the festival in Dutch.

[persbericht] Madness en Golden Earring headliners op gloednieuw Haags festival

Rotterdam, 6 maart. De Britse band Madness is de headliner van het gloednieuwe festival Night at the Park op 28 juni in het Haagse Zuiderpark. Naast Madness zal ook Golden Earring, hun opwachting maken tijdens het festival. Night at the Park staat voor een zomerse avond met topartiesten uit binnen- en buitenland in het sfeervolle Zuiderpark en zal plaatsvinden op de dag voorafgaand aan die andere Haagse festivalgigant, Parkpop. DUCOS Productions, organisator van beide festivals, spreekt van een weekend die de naam van Den Haag als dé popstad van Nederland nogmaals op de kaart zet. Naast Madness en Golden Earring zal het complete programma van Night at the Park binnen twee weken worden bekend gemaakt.

Madness. Met hits zoals Baggy Trousers, Our House en natuurlijk One Step Beyond is Madness én van de voorlopers die voor een ware revival van de ska heeft gezorgd. Na 38 jaar, 11 albums, een musical op het welbekende West End en epische optredens op o.a. Buckingham Palace en de afsluitceremonie van de Olympische Spelen in 2012, weet de Britse band nog steeds menig festival volledig op te zwepen. Met Madness als headliner op de eerste editie van Night at the Park is de bezoeker verzekerd van een spectaculaire festival ervaring.

Golden Earring Met Night at the Park als nieuw Haags festival kunnen de Haagse iconen van de legendarische Golden Earring niet ontbreken in het Zuiderpark. De mannen van Golden Earring hebben geen introductie nodig. Zij zijn dé belichaming van de Nederlandse rock & roll met meerdere hits op hun naam die de nationale- en internationale hitlijsten hebben gehaald.

Night at the Park. Het festival Night at the Park vindt plaats op 28 juni, van 16:00 uur tot 23:00 uur. Naast de live programmering tijdens Night at the Park wordt het ook volop genieten van het WK voetbal op grote schermen tijdens het festival. Early Bird tickets zijn nu beperkt verkrijgbaar voor slechts €25,- via Reguliere tickets zijn eveneens via de website verkrijgbaar voor €32,50. Naast Madness en Golden Earring zal de complete programmering van Night at the Park binnen twee weken bekend worden gemaakt.

On August 10 2014 Golden Earring performed in concert in Bredene (Belgium) at the Nostalgie Beach festival (Electric show)

Golden Earring at Bredene Nostalgie Beach festival August 10 2014

On August 27, 2014 Golden Earring performed electric live in Tegelen at the Openluchttheater De Doolhof. An extra ordinary venue Golden Earring didn't perform in in their long history.

Golden Earring show poster August 27, 2014 Tegelen Openluchttheater De Doolhof

As almost every year Golden Earring perform a show in Wateringen at the Velohal again on November 08, 2014 which seems to be the last show of the year this time. The presale for this show has started and this venue is always sold out very quickly!

In 2014 an Annie cover was released by:
2014 Netherlands: Rinus Garage - Wall Of Dolls\Annie (Limited edition 7", release date April 19 2014)

In 2014 Radar Love covers were released by:
2014 Netherlands: 3J's - Bronnen (DVD)
2014 Netherlands: De Règâhs - Règâh Love (with medley Kolduh Ierings) (CD) (Release date May 23 2014)

In 2014 a Twilight Zone cover was released by:
2014 Netherlands: Thomas Zwijsen - Nylonized (CD, release date March 11, 2014)

In 2014 a Wall Of Dolls cover was released by:
2014 Netherlands: Rinus Garage - Wall Of Dolls\Annie (Limited edition 7", release date April 19 2014)

2015 - For 2015 several acoustic shows are planned and two electric shows like in Tilburg - 013 on April 02, 2015. Cesar Zuiderwijk continued his Drummoires theatre show in 2015. In 2015 Golden Earring will celebrate it's 50th year as recording artists. Rumours go another album will be released. Other rumours that float around is that the band will release a cd recorded with an orchestra, whether this is a live recording remains unclear and even the whole project is unsure. So 2015 is still a big surprise, just like a birthday: you never know what surprise gifts you get....

In January 2015 the band performed during the nine shows of the Vrienden van Amstel 2015 live event. Barry Hay even does an ode to The Lau during the shows.

In February 2015 more news was brought out: the band hopes to release a new single in March 2015. For the end of the year a new mini-cd is planned. This might be released around the time the band performs their Five-Zero concert on December 12 2015 in the Amsterdam Ziggo Dome venue.

Golden Earring collectors ticket Ziggo Dome Amsterdam show December 12 2015

Also a book about George Kooymans seems to be in the planning. Cesar Zuiderwijk in the meantime is still performing his Drummoires Theatre shows.

Rinus Gerritsen was interviewed by Fred Zuiderwijk at the Bibliotheek Nieuw Waldeck in Den Haag on March 04 2015. 200 guests witnessed a very interesting, lively and humorous event. Many anecdotes were told and afterwards Rinus Gerritsen was present for a "Meet and Greet". Amongst the visitors were former band members Frans Krassenburg and Peter de Ronde. Luckily enough I had the opportunity to meet them as well and could make a picture together with them.

Rinus Gerritsen interview by Fred Zuiderwijk February 20 2015 Bibliotheek Nieuw Waldeck

Rinus Gerritsen interview by Fred Zuiderwijk February 20 2015 Bibliotheek Nieuw Waldeck

Rinus Gerritsen interview by Fred Zuiderwijk February 20 2015 Bibliotheek Nieuw Waldeck

Rinus Gerritsen interview by Fred Zuiderwijk February 20 2015 Bibliotheek Nieuw Waldeck

Barry Hay was busy recording a cd in The Hague with his Flying V formation. Release date unknown yet. Besides this project. Barry Hay was the special guest during the Toppers in Concert 2015 (Crazy Summer edition) shows in the Amsterdam Arena (5 shows in May). He performed a Golden Earring medley consisting of When The Lady Smiles and two other songs.

Toppers in concert 2015 (Crazy Summer edition)

On June 26 2015 Cesar Zuiderwijk performed during the Dance4Life Funky Fundraiser event in Amsterdam.

November 13 2015 was the release date for the 4cd\1dvd box Golden Earring 50 Years (Catalogue info: Red Bullet )

The Radar Love track was used again in a tv and radio commercial for Volkswagen Golf GTE cars.

In 2015 more acoustic shows were performed. Two shows (Zoetermeer and Groningen) had to be postponed due to flu of some of the bandmembers. During the acoustic show in Assen on February 14 2015 guitarist George Kooymans had some severe guitar problems. While performing Sleepwalking his guitar couldn't barely be heard. The problem might be a faulty element. While this problem ocurred Rinus Gerritsen and Cesar Zuiderwijk took over and jammed along. They did this for about 6 minutes untill the guitar sound problem was fixed. Sleepwalking wasn't finished anymore and the show went on with the next song Just A Little Bit Of Peace In My Heart!

The 2015 acoustic setlist:
01. Back Home.
02. Sound Of The Screaming Day.
03. Another 45 Miles.
04. Just Like Vince Taylor.
05. In My House.
06. Sleepwalking.
07. Just A Little Bit Of Peace In My Heart.
08. Mad Love's Comin'.
09. Going To The Run (Dedicated to the recently past away Golden Earring fan Jac Hoeben).
10. Jangalene.
11. Drum solo Cesar Zuiderwijk.
12. Radar Love.
13. This Love.
14. What Do I know About Love.
15. Weekend Love.
16. Lost And Found.
17. Vanilla Queen.
18. Johnny Make Believe.
19. When The Lady Smiles.
20. The Devil Made Me Do It.
21. Twilight Zone.
22. I Can't Sleep Without You.

Golden Earring setlist picture March 13, 2015 Eindhoven - Parktheater

Cesar Zuiderwijk perfor,ed Radar Love togehter with the Regimentsfanfare Garde Grenadiers and Jagers en Fanfare Bereden Wapens durimg the Nationale Taptoe 2015 at Ahoy Rotterdam.

In 2015 an Every Days Torture cover was released by:
2015 Netherlands: Bertus Borgers - x (CD, release date x-2015)

2016 - For 2016 many Golden Earring acoustic shows were booked and several electric show. George Kooymans, Boudewijn de Groot and and Henny Vrienten will go on tour together in 2016. This is what BN De Stem newspaper reported (in Dutch).

AMSTERDAM - Henny Vrienten, Boudewijn de Groot en George Kooymans gaan in 2016 met elkaar op tournee. Dat meldt Vrienten woensdag in de Volkskrant. "Als we gezond blijven", voegt hij daar als voorbehoud aan toe. Het drietal is al decennia lang bevriend. De zangers traden in 2013 eenmalig samen op tijdens de 65e verjaardag van drummer Cesar Zuiderwijk. "We zongen toen samen en voelden: hier gebeurt iets!", aldus Vrienten. Over de invulling van de voorstelling kan de zanger nog niets zeggen.

Henny Vrienten (66) werd vooral bekend als boegbeeld van de band Doe Maar. Kooymans (66) is de gitarist van Golden Earring, de oudste rockband van Nederland. Boudewijn de Groot (70) brak in de jaren 60 door met klassiekers als Welterusten meneer de president en Testament. De afgelopen jaren trad hij nog een aantal keer op met een live-band waarin ook Ernst Jansz en Jan Hendriks (allebei ex-Doe Maar) speelden.

2016 Kooymans De Groot Vrienten tour

In Spring 2016 a biography about Golden Earring singer Barry Hay is expected. Already in 2015 the interviews for this book were made by Author Oscar van Gelderen. He at least visited Curaçao once were this beach picture was taken and the news about this biography surfaced (November 2015)

Barry Hay with Oscar van Gelderen

Barry Hay biography preliminary cover

2017 - For the 2016-2017 season no Golden Earring acoustic shows were booked. The band announced the take a season off from the theatres.

However the band will perform many electric shows, several of them during larger festivals in Belgium and The Netherlands. Some electric shows are planned in Belgium and Germany.

I received a poster photograph by mail from German fan Hans-Dieter Stroh for the July 19 2017 German Winterbach show at the Zeltspektakel. Support act was the Kenny Wayne Shepherd band. Thanks Hans-Dieter!

Golden Earring show poster Winterbach Zeltspektakel poster, July 19, 2017

De Vreemde Kostgangers released their album on cd and vinyl on February 24 2017. Also a limited white vinyl lp edition was released.

Vreemde Kostgangers LP Limited white edition

During the Dutch record Store day 2017 (April 22 2017) the Golden Earring album Bloody Buccaneers was re-released on vinyl in a 1000 copies limited edition individually numbered and pressed on gold vinyl, released on the Music On Vinyl label.

On May 11 2017 George Kooymans and Hennie Vrienten both received a guitar from the Homestead brand. The one George got has a reference to The Hague on the neck of the guitar. The guitars were given to the Vreemde Kostgangers musicians at the Indonesian Embassy Den Haag (The guitar factory is located in Bandoeng city, Western Java, Indonesia) Photo thanks to Ruud Boomgaard!

George Kooymnas custom made guitar Homestead brand, received on May 11, 2017 Indonesian Embassy The Hague

During the summer months Golden Earring will do several electric shows. One of them was the May 26 2017 Haaksbergen show at St. Isidorushoeve. A show review was found in the Haaksberger Koerier newspaper.

Golden Earring show review May , 2017 Haaksbergen - St. Isidorushoeve

Barry Hay performed with his Flying V formation at the Oerrock festival on May 26 2017 (free entry!). Show added to the 2017 tourdates overview on this website.

Barry Hay's Flying V formation show ad May 26, 2017 Ureterp - Oerrock festival

On June 03, 2017 Cesar Zuiderwijk performed with the Clarks again at Kaderock 2017 (Afternoon show) After the performance he left for the Golden Earring Raalte show later that day at the Ribs en Blues Festival.

Cesar Zuiderwijk performed with the Clarks at Kaderock 2017 June 03 207

Golden Earring performed an electric show in Raalte at the Ribs en Blues Festival. The other act was the Beach Boys.

Golden Earring show tickets June 03 2017 Raalte - Ribs and Blues festival

On July 02 2017 The Golden Earring in 50 songs book was presented at Paagman bookstore Den Haag. Rinus Gerritsen was given the first copy by author Maarten Steenmeijer and Jan Rot performed a translated version of the Golden Earring song Just A Little Bit Of Peace In My Haert.

On September 01 2017 Golden Earring performed in Deventer - Open Air at the Grote Kerkhof!

Golden Earring show ad September 01, 2017 Deventer - Open Air Grote Kerkhof

In an interview George Kooymans mentioned he was trying to finish the recordings for another Kooymans and Carillo album. The end of 2017 is the planning for the release of this album. History learned this album wasn't released untill 2022 (Titled Mirage).


In 2018 George Kooymans did another theatre tour with the Vreemde Kostgangers. Lots of dates were planned yet including two in Amsterdam Carre again!

The De Vreemde Kostgangers project have their own Vreemde Kostgangers website. On this website many new 2018 tourdate were found.

The news about Golden Earring for the year 2018 has to be imported from the 2018 News file. This will be done soon.

2019 - For 2019 no Golden Earring acoustic shows are planned and several electric show but mainly on festivals.

For the most recent Golden Earring tour dates update check out the 2019 tour dates file on this website.

Cesar Zuiderwijk continued his Masterclass theatre show in 2019.

On January 16, 2019 former Golden Earring Manager Jaap (Jacques) Senf passed away at the age of 72!

Info Theaterimpresario Jacques Senf (72) is woensdagochtend thuis in Maasland overleden. Senf maakte in eerste instantie faam met The Golden Earrings (toen nog met een "s") waar hij op zijn 17de als loopjongen begon en snel opklom tot manager. Op voorstel van zanger-gitarist George Kooymans veranderde hij zijn voornaam van Jaap in Jacques.

In 1965 opende Senf Club 192 in Scheveningen en vier jaar later begon hij ook voor theater te produceren. De komst van zijn Maaslandse vrouw Barry in het bedrijf in 1980, zorgde voor een verdere groei van het bedrijf. Senf Theaterpartners geldt nu als het grootste Nederlandse impresariaat, dat meer dan vijftig producenten, gezelschappen en artiesten vertegenwoordigt.

In 1991 werd in Maasland de Nationale Theaterkassa opgericht, een landelijk bespreekbureau voor het bestellen van kaarten voor concerten, theater, shows en (sport)evenementen. Senf was betrokken bij de opkomst van de grote musicalproducties en de grote populariteit van de musical in Nederland. Ook in Vlaanderen was hij actief en hiervoor werd hij door Koning Boudewijn op 16 april 1992 geridderd tot Ridder in de Kroonorde.

Senf was tevens actief in het sociale leven in zijn woonplaats Maasland. Vanwege zijn inspanningen ontving hij op 7 november 2016 de hoogste onderscheiding van de gemeente Midden-Delfland, de Otto van Egmondpenning. Hij ging die dag, ter gelegenheid van zijn zeventigste verjaardag, met circa 600 Maaslandse basisscholieren naar het Museon in Den Haag. Als kind bezocht Senf het museum zelf vaak. De begrafenis zal in besloten kring plaatsvinden.

Former Golden Earrings manager Jacques Senf

Check out the Radar Love website for more details about Golden Earring's Radar Love track! This website was given a complete make-over in February 2019 by webmaster Patrick Orriens and contains a lot of facts about the well known 1973 Golden Earring killer track which is the most performed song ever during Golden Earring's over 50 year history!

Please be aware of the fact that this page is still under construction and is constantely being updated and extended. So far some milestones in Golden Earrings glorious career have been highlighted but of course a lot more has happened during the past 57 years! So please keep checking back here and view the latest news as well as the latest additions about Golden Earrings history or should I say "Hitstory!"

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Former Golden Earring members:

  • Hans van Herwerden - guitar
  • Freddie van der Hilst - drums
  • Robert Jan Stips - synthesizers
  • Jaap Eggermont - drums
  • Frans Krassenburg - vocals
  • Peter de Ronde - guitar
  • Sieb Warner - drums
  • Eelco Gelling - guitar

    Additional musician to Golden Earring several times:

  • Bertus Borgers - saxophone (During 1975 USA tour,
    Last Blast 1999 and Ahoy 2006 concerts and electric shows 2007 - 2019)
  • Jan Rooymans - keyboards, Hammond, backing vocals (During 2011 - 2012 electric shows)

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