Golden Earring Record Research

Golden Earring Record Research Report 4th print

The Golden Earring Record Research Report (RRR) dates from way back 1992. It was started and maintained by Casper Roos. Nowadays it's an extensive reference guide and a bible for Golden Earring fans around the globe which reveals "the naked truth about the Golden Earring discography". Initially it was just a list of the lp's and singles I had, but I discovered there were much more items released by Golden Earring than I was aware of at that time. So every time I heard about the existence of an item I added it to my lists. These few computer printouts grew up to a real reference guide. A lot of fans helped me out with info and through cross-references and cross-checking I filtered out mistakes and double items. I was also able to complete labels, label numbers and years of issues. Later on I added more info about how to collect items and I learned a lot myself about how to determine the country of issue. So I thought this would be helpful to fans too and I started to add this kind of information as well.

Nowadays the Golden Earring RRR is over 250 pages big and needs to be released again. So I'm working on the fifth print, but this will take a long time and is not to be released soon. The last print dates from 1998 and is sold out now. If you are interested in the new print, please email me to be included in my Golden Earring mailinglist. You will then receive info and news about Golden Earring by email every now and then, but on an irregular base.

In the meantime your updates are still appreciated and keep on sending them to me by email please. Don't think I know everything about Golden Earring. Every week new info surfaces, so please keep me updated!

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Hard to find item: Radar Love Irish pressing vinyl single!

Irish pressing Radar Love

Another discovered Golden item: Buddy Joe Turkish pressing vinyl single!

Turkish pressing Buddy Joe


  • Pressed TURKEY. DATE:1972

  • Label: POLYDOR Records NO:2050 184.