Golden Earring related items

  • George Kooymans and Barry Hay used guitar picks which have his own print on it. One side showed the Golden Earring tattoo logo as designed by Henk Schiffmacher and the other side showed George's his signature. Barry has a guitar pick of his own with his signature. These plectrums are not used anymore but they now have plectrums with the Golden Earring Benelux logo on them.

    George Kooymans guitar pick

    Barry Hay guitar pick

  • Cesar Zuiderwijk has his own brand on his drum sticks. Here's an example of such a stick.

    Drum stick Cesar Zuiderwijk

  • In Sweden two Golden Earring two collectors trading cards were released.
    I do not know the issuing company but they are numbered 606 and 622. There is also one with Barry Hay from 1974 but its origin is unknown too.

    Golden Earring Swedish trading card #606

    Golden Earring Swedish trading card #622

    Trading card Barry Hay 1974

  • A great promotional item used for a show April 7, 1976 Civic Theatre California USA.
    The handbill for the concert is about (European) A5 size and they were released in several colours.

    Handbill USA Concert Civic Theatre April 7, 1976

  • There are even Radar love plants. The picture shows the great bright yellow flower from the Radar love Clematis Tangutis. This is a fine item for your garden, I have one and i'm enjoying it very much. Seeds of this plant are sold on Ebay auctions but plants can also be bought at garden centers which is much easier!

    Radar love clematis

    Radar love clematis photo 2

  • There is also a fine replica of the race horse called RADAR LOVE! Brand new Arabian (AR18021) from the new Living Horse Series from Peter Stone Company. Absolutely breathtaking dark chestnut Arabians stallion with three white socks and beautiful irregular stripe. Matte finish! Picture is only representative of the model.

    Radar love Race horse replica

  • There is also a fine and prize winning Burmese Golden Earring cat!

    Golden Earring Cat
    Golden Earring Cat
    Golden Earring Burmese Cat

  • There are also vintage "GOLDEN EARRING" - 'Long Sleeve - Promo Shirts' for Radar love. These shirts were sent to the promotion staff at MCA Records when the band signed on to the label back in 1974 to promote "Radar Love". The shirt has a print from a panther with a golden earring and the text Golden Earring in yellow underneath the picture.

    American 1974 Golden Earring promo t-shirt

  • In Canada there's the (42nd) Radar squadron which has patches on their uniforms with radar love on it! Check out Radar (love) Squadron for more information.

    Patch Canadian 42nd Radar Squadron

  • If you ordered drinks at the 2005 Heineken Music Hall concert you chad to pay with coins you could get in advance to make the payment easier at the bar. Here are examples of these coins.

    Golden Earring at Heineken music hall coin (front) Golden Earring at Heineken music hall coin (back)

    Golden Earring wings-logo

    LAST UPDATE: December 28, 2005