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Ce soir 1975 Dutch single I have been a fan since 1975 when Ce Soir was just released as a single in The Netherlands. This song was the start of my Golden Earring collection. After the single I bought the album Switch and the rest is history. I was infected with the Golden Earring collecting virus and lost forever. Every year my collection became larger and larger. I corresponded with a lot of fans around the globe over the years and we exchanged items and information. That way my initial list of items I owned became larger and larger and as it was completed with items I didn't have yet. I also got more and more information about non vinyl items so I decided to compile a small information book about it and a few weeks afterwards the first version of the Golden Earring Record Research Report was born.

I also bought more and more items and sold my double ones again. When the demand grew I started to stock up with more and more items and so Roos Records Mailorder was "founded". I still have a lot of items for sale and help out as many fans as I can. But even for me some items are hard to find nowadays and prices raised consequently to the demand.

Golden Earring Researcher Casper Roos