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Welcome at the Roos Records Mailorder page. Last update January, 2008. This page tells the story how I started to help out other Golden Earring fans. Way back in 1975 when I bought my first records, it was very hard to find Golden Earring items. Later on I went to record fairs and I could buy some more, although I didn't have much money for it. When I started to work I could buy more records and I started selling my double ones again. The demand grew and I started to buy more and more records in larger quantities and so Roos Records Mailorder was "founded". I then bought, cassettes, video's books and a lot of different Golden releated items as well. I still have a lot of items for sale and help out as many fans as I can. But even for me some items are hard to find nowadays and prices have really raised. If you are interested in my Golden Earring sales list please request it below. In the near future I will add lists online here.

One more thing: why are there roses on this page? Well, easily explained! Roos is the Dutch word for rose, therefore you will see roses on some pages but the name is Roos Records!

Check out our saleslist on the web. This is still under construction and contains items of all bands. For Golden Earring I have a wordfile with much more info and prices and this can be requested by sending me an email (See underneath). If you have a wantlist mail it to me. Due to a lack of time I still need to update the saleslist. Will be working on it in the upcoming weeks...

2005 Second cdsingle Angel (from Naked III 2005 release + 3 live bonustracks) now released and in stock at Roos Records

Please remember, we're not the biggest Golden Earring dealer, but certainly the cheapest!

Now in stock at Roos Records Mailorder:

LATEST NEW ITEM in: Radar Love cover on JP Mercedes band cd from Canada. 9 euro ex postage.

For Sale:
* CD maxisingle I Can't Sleep Without You.
* cdsingle Miles Away From Nowhere.
* cd single Yes, We're On fire!
* 2 track cdsingle Albino Moon including Gypsy Rose bonustrack
* 4 track cdmaxisingle Albino Moon (limited edition digipack release) Tracks are: Albino Moon, Skyscraper - hell of a town, Kingfisher, No one loves you more than me (Special edited version)

* 2 track cdsingle A Sound I Never Heard including bonustrack Adrenaline
* 4 track cdmaxisingle A Sound I Never Heard including 3 live tracks (Recorded 2003)
* 2 track cdsingle Colourblind (+ live track Albino Moon from Evers staat op radioshow 2003)
* cd single I've Just Lost Somebody (2 different versions of cdsingle)
* cd single Angel (2005 release + 3 live bonustracks)

* Limited edition CD Millbrook USA with 3 track DVD (PAL system, region code 2!) with Golden Earring recording Skyscraper - Hell of a town, Gypsy rose, Coming in going out.

* Normal edition cd Millbrook USA (Released in jewelbox, no DVD)

Many dvd's in stock, like Naked Truth, Naked II, Naked III and Last Blast, but also Rockpalast and Live from the Twilight Zone!

Video Naked II (New!) in stock: 5 euro each ex postage.

The Hole lp USA Mint- condition: 6 euro

Keeper Of The Flame Ducth LP, mint condition: 5 euro


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