Golden Earring album discography

LAST UPDATE: August 12 2023

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I just added this Golden Earring album discography. Note that all albums are with Dutch labels and label numbers unless otherwise indicated. Albums with the same title have sometimes been released in other countries on different labels and with different label numbers. Some albums were released abroad under a different name and mentioned in this overview. However I will start to put release info for other countries as well now. You find the specific info in the singles-, lp-, casette-, cd- or cdsingles files. Some of the in this list mentioned titles are only available on cd.

Album Number Year Album Title Label, Labelnumber Track Total and Titles Album Duration

Golden Earring Just Earrings album 1965

1965Just Ear-ringsPolydor 007 (LP Netherlands 1965)
Polydor 2485 202 (LP Netherlands 1982)
Polydor 843 136-2 (CD Netherlands 1990)
Rotation 064 442-2 (CD Netherlands 2002)
RPM Retro 852 (CD UK 2009)
Hunter Records HRV 1237-1 (LP Netherlands 2010)
Music On Vinyl MOVLP614 (LP Netherlands 2012)
01. Nobody But You (2:18)
02. I Hate Saying These Words (2:17)
03. She May Be (1:47)
04. Holy Witness (2:47)
05. No Need To Worry (2:04)
06. Please Go (2:56)
07. Sticks And Stones (1:41)
08. I Am A Fool (2:06)
09. Don't Stay Away (2:10)
10. Lonely Everyday (1:42)
11. When People Talk (2:47)
12. Now I Have (1:38)
Total playing time 26:41 minutes

Golden Earring Winter Harvest album 1967

1967Winter HarvestPolydor Special 736 068 (LP Netherlands 1967)
Polydor 843 134-2 (CD Netherlands 1990)
RPM Retro 853 (CD UK 2009)
Music On Vinyl MOVLP2036 (LP Netherlands yellow vinyl December 14 2018)
01. Another Man In Town (2:21)
02. Smoking Cigarettes (2:19)
03. In My House (3:57)
04. Don't Wanna Loose That Girl (2:14)
05. Impeccable Girl (2:14)
06. Tears and Lies (1:59)
07. You've Got The Intention To Hurt Me (3:06)
08. Dream (2:38)
09. You Break My Heart (1:59)
10. Baby Don't Make Me Nervous (2:23)
11. Call Me (2:16)
12. Happy And Young Together (2:03)
13. Lionel The Miser (2:28)
14. There Will Be A Tomorrow (2:18)
Total playing time 35:44 minutes

Golden Earring Miracle Mirror album 1968

1968Miracle MirrorPolydor Special 184 120 (LP Netherlands 1968)
Polydor 843 135-2 (CD Netherlands 1990)
RPM Retro 854 (CD UK 2009)
Polydor 3192 365 (Cassette Germany 1967)
Polydhr 843 135-2 (CD Germany 1990?)

01. The Truth About Arthur (2:55)
02. Circus Will Be In Town In Time (3:27)
03. Crystal Heaven (3:52)
04. Sam And Sue (1:40)
05. I've Just Lost Somebody (3:04)
06. Mr. Fortune's Wife (3:17)
07. Who Cares? (3:45)
08. Born A Second Time (2:37)
09. Magnificent Magistral (2:45)
10. Must I Cry? (2:16)
11. Nothing Can Change This World Of Mine (3:23)
12. Gipsy Rhapsody (3:19)
Total playing time 36:30 minutes

Golden Earring On The Double double album 1969

1969On The DoublePolydor 2-2368 23/24 (2LP Netherlands 1969)
Polydor 843 150-2 (CD Netherlands 1990)
Red Bullet RB 66.201 (CD Netherlands 2001)
01. Songs Of A Devil's Servant* (3:44)
02. Angelina (3:09)
03. Pam Pam Poope Poope Loux (2:44)
04. Hurry Hurry Hurry (4:21)
05. My Baby Ruby (3:17)
06. Judy (1:44)
07. Goodbye Mama (3:06)
08. Murdock 9-6182* (3:12)
09. Just A Little Bit Of Peace In My Heart (5:19)
10. Sad Story Of Sam Stone (2:28)
11. High In The Sky (3:22)
12. Remember My Friend (2:58)
13. Time Is A Book (4:04)
14. Backbiting Baby (5:37)
15. I'm A Running' (3:25)
16. I Sing My Song (3:59)
17. Mitch Mover (3:00)
18. God Bless The Day (2:41
19. The Grand Piano (3:26)
Total playing time 66:17 minutes

Golden Earring Eight Miles High album 1969

1969Eight Miles HighPolydor Medium 656 019 (LP Netherlands 1969)
Polydor 825 371-2 (CD Netherlands 1985)
Red Bullet RB 66.202 (CD Netherlands 2001)
Music on Vinyl MOVLP 3043 (LP red coloured vinyl Netherlands 2022)
Atlantic SD8244 (LP USA 1969)
Atlantic (8track USA 1969)
01. Landing.
02. Song Of A Devil's Servant.
03. One Huge Road.
04. Everyday's Torture.
05. Eight Miles High.
Total playing time 37:57 minutes

Golden Earring Golden Earring (Wall Of Dolls) album 1970

1970Golden Earring (Wall Of Dolls)Polydor Medium 2340 003 (LP Netherlands 1970)
Polydor 847 497-2 (CD Netherlands 1991)
Red Bullet RB 66.203 (CD Netherlands 2001)
Polydor (Cassette Netherlands 1970)
01. Yellow And Blue.
02. The Loner.
03. This Is The Time Of The Year.
04. Big Tree Blue Sea.
05. The Wall Of Dolls.
06. Back Home.
07. See See.
08. I'm Going To Send My Pigeons To The Sky.
09. As Long As The Wind Blows.
Total playing time 38:58 minutes

The self-titled 1970 album by Dutch rockers Golden Earring showed the band embarking on a harder, rougher musical journey than their previous work. Clearly influenced by bands like Led Zeppelin, The Who and The Doors, the band evolved from a 60's beat-group into a 70's rock band. The new (and still current) line-up of the foursome, fronted by charismatic singer Barry Hay, proved a successful one. Golden Earring includes their hit single "Back Home", peaking at number 1 in the Dutch chart. Blues rock and hard rock are combined on tracks such as I'm Going to Send My Pigeons to the Sky and As Long as the Wind Blows. Its the start of the decennium in which they recorded some of their best albums.


Golden Earring Seven Tears album 1971

1971Seven TearsPolydor 2344 008 (LP Netherlands 1971)
Polydor 810 854-2 (CD Netherlands 1989)
Red Bullet RB 66.204 (CD Netherlands 2001)
Polydor (Cassette Netherlands 1971)
01. Silver Ships.
02. The Road Swallowed Her Name.
03. Hope.
04. Don't Worry.
05. She Flies On Strange Wings.
06. This Is The Other Side Of Life.
07. You're Better Off Free.
Total playing time 35:27 minutes

Golden Earring Together album 1972

1972TogetherPolydor 2925 009 (LP Netherlands 1972)
Polydor 841 443-2 (CD Netherlands 1989)
Red Bullet RB 66.205 (CD Netherlands 2001)
Polydor 3205 027(Cassette Netherlands 1972)
01. All Day Watcher (4:49)
02. Avalanche Of Love (4:14)
03. Cruisin' Southern Germany (3:00)
04. Brother Wind (7:54)
05. Buddy Joe (3:48)
06. Jangalene (5:08)
07. From Heaven From Hell (6:06)
08. Thousand Feet Below You (4:11)
Total playing time 39:25 minutes

Together is a 1972 album by the world-famous rock band the Golden Earring. It is the immediate predecessor to Moontan (1973), and is as strong an example of Golden Earring's particular blend of hard rocking Euro-prog as you are likely to hear. The group blurs the strict lines and weaves elements of each genre into a distinctive style that gives the songs their unique flavor. Most famous album tracks are Buddy Joe and From Heaven from Hell.

The rock band Golden Earring is one of the world's best-known Dutch bands. During the 70's they even made it to the Billboard charts by releasing Radar Love (USA 1974). The band performed together for 60 years, bringing their big hits to large audiences.


Golden Earring Moontan album 1973

1973MoontanPolydor 2925 017 (LP Netherlands 1973)
Polydor (Cassette Netherlands 1973)
Polydor 847 931-2 (CD Netherlands 1991)
Red Bullet RB 66.206 (CD Netherlands 2001)
Red Bullet 66.333 (2CD Netherlands 2022)
Music on Vinyl MOVLPx (2LP coloured vinyl Netherlands 2022)
Polydor (Cassette Netherlands 1973)
(8tracks Canada/UK/USA)
01. Candy's Going Bad.
02. Are You Receiving Me.
03. Suzy Lunacy (Mental Rock)
04. Radar Love.
05. Just Like Vince Taylor.
06. The Vanilla Queen.

Different track listing for the Canada\USA Moontan releases!

In 2022 a 2CD and 2LP remastered & expanded Moontan version was released. This release contains preliminary versions and bonustracks like Radar Love B-side The Song Is Over.

Total playing time 40:28 minutes

Originally released in 1973, this is the album that raised the band to an international level of popularity, primarily on the strength of the hit single and enduring radio favorite "Radar Love". Moontan still is the band's most successful album internationally and paved the way for these Dutch rockers in the USA (where "Candy's Going Bad" was also released as a single). Around the time of the album's release, Golden Earring toured the States with opening acts that would become huge rock bands only a few years later (Aerosmith and KISS). They also shared stages with names like Led Zeppelin, The Who, and Pink Floyd.

The line-up of Golden Earring at that time was Barry Hay, George Kooymans, Rinus Gerritsen and Cesar Zuiderwijk, with special guests Eelco Gelling (slide guitar), Bertus Borgers (saxophone) and Patricia Paay ("lady vocal") on this particular LP. The record combines progressive epics and heavy rockers, and sometimes even combines both elements in one song. Moontan is not just a necessity for Golden Earring fans, it's worthwhile listen for anyone interested in Seventies Rock at its most adventurous.


Golden Earring Switch album 1975

1975SwitchPolydor 2344 046 (LP Netherlands 1975)
Polydor (Cassette Netherlands 1975)
Polydor (CD Netherlands )
Red Bullet RB 66.207 (CD Netherlands 2001)
(8tracks Canada/USA 1975)
01. Intro: Plus Minus Absurdio.
02. Love Is A Rodeo.
03. The Switch.
04. Kill Me (Ce Soir)
05. Tons Of Time.
06. Daddy's Gonna Save My Soul.
07. Troubles And Hassles.
08. The Lonesome D.J.
Total playing time 36:10 minutes

Golden Earring To The Hilt album 1976

1976To The HiltPolydor 2310 436 (LP Netherlands 1976)
Polydor (Cassette Netherlands 1976)

Polydor (CD Netherlands )
Red Bullet RB 66.208 (CD Netherlands 2001)
Red Bullet RB 66.208 (CD 2021 remastered edition Netherlands 2022)
Music on Vinyl MOVLP177 (LP coloured vinyl Netherlands 2021)
(8tracks Canada/USA 1976)
01. Why Me? (7:12)
02. Facedancer (4.10)
03. To The Hilt (3:09)
04. Nomad (7:06)
05. Sleepwalkin' (5:02)
06. Latin Lightnin' (7:14
07. Violins (10.17)
Total playing time 44:25 minutes

Golden Earring were active for 50 years from 1961 until 2021. Their final line-up still included two founding members George Kooymans (vocals and guitar) and Rinus Gerritsen (bass, keyboard) along with Barry Hay (vocals, guitar, flute and saxophone), a member since 1968, and Cesar Zuiderwijk (drums), a member since 1970. They have had over 40 hits and 30 albums, many achieving either gold or platinum status in their home country, The Netherlands. They are best known for their 1973 hit single Radar Love and their 1982 single Twilight Zone.

To The Hilt was released in 1976 and is considered to be one of their most complex albums. More than half of the songs are over 7 minutes long and musically the songs are very diverse. It is the last record that features Robert Jan Stips on keyboards.


Golden Earring Contraband album 1976

1976ContrabandPolydor 2310 491 (LP Netherlands 1976)
Polydor (Cassette Netherlands 1976)
Polydor 847 933-2 (CD Netherlands 1976)
Red Bullet RB 66.209 (CD Netherlands 2001)
(8tracks Canada/USA 1977)
01. Bombay (3:52)
02. Sueleen (5:40)
03. Con Man (7:10)
04. Mad Love's Comin' (7:45)
05. Fightin' Windmills (4:38)
06. Faded Jeans (5:07)
07. Time's Up (3:56)

Album renamed to Mad Love in Canada and the USA with different tracklisting, released 1977)

Total playing time 38:19 minutes

Dutch rock band Golden Earring released their twelfth studio album Contraband in 1976. It was the first full album to feature Eelco Gelling as the band's guitarist. With seven rocking tracks, this album is dominated by guitars - as demonstrated by lead single Bombay and by the long guitar solos on Con Man and Mad Love's Comin'. Contraband was well received by music critics and charted at #12 in the Dutch album charts.


Golden Earring Live double album 1977

1977LivePolydor 2625 034 (2LP Netherlands 1977)
Polydor (Cassette Netherlands 1977)
Polydor (CD Netherlands )
Red Bullet RB 66.210 (CD Netherlands 2001)
(8tracks Canada/USA 1977)
X (CD Netherlands 2022)
Music On Vinyl MOVLP3067 (Remastered 2LP Netherlands 2022)
01. Candy's Going Bad.
02. She Flies On Strange Wings.
03. Mad Love's Comin'.
04. Eight Miles High.
05. The Vanilla Queen.
06. To The Hilt.
07. Fightin' Windmills.
08. Con Man.
09. Radar Love.
10. Just Like Vince Taylor.
Total playing time 87:11 minutes

Live is a double live album released by Dutch rock band Golden Earring in 1977. With its long, spun out versions of classic Golden Earring songs (lasting between 5 and 12 minutes each), this record is vastly different than other live registrations by the band. It's also one of only three albums where guitarist Eelco Gelling was a band member, adding a new dimension to the band's sound. Furthermore, this album emphasises Golden Earring's strong rhythm section on swinging songs like Mad Love's Comin' and Radar Love.

This double vinyl set Live captures their energetic live act, featuring extended and groovy versions of their songs. Including some of their biggest hits until then: She Flies On Strange Wings and of course a lengthy rendition of Radar Love! Live is considered a milestone in the impressive career of one of Holland's finest rock bands: Golden Earring. Recorded at The Rainbow Theatre in London, this is the band at their best.

Live celebrated its 45th anniversary in 2022 and was therefore being remastered for the first time from the original master tapes. This 2LP is available as a 45th anniversary edition of 2000 individually numbered copies on Blade Bullet coloured vinyl.


Golden Earring Grab It For A Second album 1978

1978Grab It For A SecondPolydor 2344 118 (LP Netherlands 1978)
Polydor (Cassette Netherlands 1978)
Polydor (CD Netherlands )
Red Bullet RB 66.211 (CD Netherlands 2001)
01. Roxanne.
02. Leather.
03. Tempting.
04. U-Turn Time.
05. Movin' Down Life.
06. Against The Grain.
07. Grab It For A Second.
08. Cell-29.
Total playing time 34:49 minutes

Golden Earring No Promises No Debts album 1979

1979No Promises No DebtsPolydor 2344 142 (LP Netherlands 1979)
Polydor (Cassette Netherlands 1979)
Polydor (CD Netherlands )
Red Bullet RB 66.212 (CD Netherlands 2001)
(8track Canada/USA 1979)
01. Heartbeat
02. Need Her.
03. Sellin' Out.
04. Snot Love In Spain.
05. Save Your Skin.
06. D-Light.
07. Tiger Bay.
08. Weekend Love.
09. Don't Close The Door.
10. Don't Stop The Show.
11. By Routes.
Total playing time 40:37 minutes

Golden Earring Prisoner Of The Night album 1980

1980Prisoner Of The NightPolydor 2344 161 (LP Netherlands 1980)
Polydor (Cassette Netherlands 1980)
Polydor (CD Netherlands )
Red Bullet RB 66.213 (CD Netherlands 2001)
01. Long Blond Animal.
02. No For An Answer.
03. My Town.
04. Prisoner Of The Night.
05. I Don't Wanna Be Nobody Else.
06. Cut 'em Down To Size.
07. Will & Mercy.
08. Come In Outerspace.
09. Goin' Crazy Again.
Total playing time 36:51 minutes

Golden Earring 2nd Live double album 1981

19812nd LivePolydor 2625 042 (2LP Netherlands 1981)
Polydor (Cassette Netherlands 1981)
Polydor 2625 042 (2LP Germany 1981)
Polydor 3500 130 (Cassette Germany 1981)
Polydor (CD Netherlands )
Red Bullet RB 66.214 (CD Netherlands 2001)
01. Don't Stop The Show.
02. My Town.
03. No For An Answer.
04. Heartbeat.
05. Save Your Skin.
06. I Don't Wanna Be Nobody Else.
07. Long Blond Animal.
08. Prisoner Of The Night.
09. Weekend Love.
10. Sleepwalkin'.
11. I Do Rock 'n Roll.
12. Slow Down.
13. Buddy Joe.
14. Back Home.
Total playing time 75:31 minutes

Golden Earring Cut album 1982

1982Cut21 Records 210 001 (LP Netherlands 1982)
21 Records (Cassette Netherlands)
21 Records (CD Netherlands )
Red Bullet RB 66.215 (CD Netherlands 2001)
21 Records CT-1-9004 (Cassette USA 1982)
21 Records CTI-9004 (Cassette USA 1982?)
Music On Vinyl MOVLP3068 (LP Netherlands 2022)
01. The Devil Made Me Do It.
02. Future.
03. Baby Dynamite.
04. Last Of The Mohicans.
05. Lost And Found.
06. Twilight Zone.
07. Chargin' Up My Batteries.
08. Secrets.
Total playing time 38:38 minutes

Cut is an album by Dutch hard rock band Golden Earring, released in 1982. It is one of their most popular releases to date, as it contains the international hit Twilight Zone, written by guitarist/vocalist George Kooymans. Twilight Zone reached No. 1 in both the Netherlands and Billboard's Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks, while also reaching the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. The album also features fan favourite The Devil Made Me Do It.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Cut, the recordings were being remastered for the first time from the original master tapes. Cut (Remastered 2022) is available as a 40th anniversary edition of 2000 individually numbered copies on Blade Bullet coloured vinyl and includes an insert.


Golden Earring Cut Remastered and Expanded album 2023

2023CutRed Bullet (2CD/DVD Netherlands 2023)

CD 1: Original album version remastered plus bonus tracks:
01. The Devil Made Me Do It.
02. Future.
03. Baby Dynamite.
04. Last Of The Mohicans.
05. Lost And Found.
06. Twilight Zone.
07. Chargin' Up My Batteries.
08. Secrets.
09. Twilight Zone (7-inch single version)
10. King Dark (Twilight Zone single B-side)
11. The Devil Made Me Do It (7-inch single version)
12. Shadow Avenue (The Devil Made Me Do It single B-side)
13. The Devil Made Me Do It (7-inch US single censored version)

CD 2: The Cut Sessions.
01. Future (early version 11-81)
02. Twilight Zone (early version 11-81)
03. Don't Be Silly (monitor mix 1-82)
04. Lost And Found (instrumental early mix 2-82)
05. Future (alternate lyrics version 2-82)
06. Twilight Zone (early mix 2-82)
07. Chargin' Up My Batteries (early mix 2-82)
08. King Dark (early mix 2-82) 09. Last Of The Mohicans (early version 2-82)
10. Jazz - Shadow Avenue (basic track 3-82)
11. Secrets (Early mix 5-82)
12. The Devil Made Me Do It (early mix 06-82)
13. Baby Dynamite (early mix 06-82)
14. Twilight Zone (Instrumental early mix 02-82)

DVD: Golden Earring vs. Dick Maas – The Video Clips Collection.
01. Twilight Zone.
02. When The Lady Smiles.
03. Clear Night Moonlight.
04. Turn The World Around.
05. Burning Stuntman.
06. The Devil Made Me Do It (AVRO’s Toppop, export version).
07. Polygoon Journaal 20-02-1984.

Total playing time 38:38 minutes

Cut is an album by Dutch hard rock band Golden Earring, released in 1982. It is one of their most popular releases to date, as it contains the international hit Twilight Zone, written by guitarist/vocalist George Kooymans. Twilight Zone reached No. 1 in both the Netherlands and Billboard's Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks, while also reaching the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. The album also features fan favourite The Devil Made Me Do It.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Cut, the recordings were being remastered for the first time from the original master tapes. Cut (Remastered 2022) is available as a 40th anniversary edition of 2000 individually numbered copies on Blade Bullet coloured vinyl and includes an insert.


Golden Earring N.E.W.S. album 1984

1984N.E.W.S.21 Records 210 010 (LP Netherlands 1984)
(Cassette Netherlands 1984)
21 Records (CD Netherlands )
Red Bullet RB 66.216 (CD Netherlands 2001)
(LP USA 1984)
(Cassette USA 1984)
CD and cassette include bonus track Orwell's Year*.

01. Clear Night Moonlight.
02. When The Lady Smiles.
03. Enough Is Enough.
04. Fist In Glove.
05. Orwell's Year*.
06. N.E.W.S.
07. I'll Make It All Up To You.
08. Mission Impossible.
09. It's Over Now.

Total playing time 41:41 minutes.

LP doesn't have bonustrack Orwell's Year.

Golden Earring Something Heavy Going Down album 1984

1984Something Heavy Going Down - Live from the Twilight Zone21 Records 210 013 (LP Netherlands 1984)
21 Records (Cassette Netherlands 1984)
21 Records 100 111 (CD Netherlands 1986)
Polygram Records\Pioneer Video (Laserdisc USA)
Polygram Records\RCA Columbia Pictures (Videocassette USA)
? (Laserdisc Japan)
Castle Communications CSC 7089 (CD Germany 1994)
Red Bullet RB 66.217 (CD Netherlands 2001)
Electric live album, 8 live tracks, one studio track (Something Heavy Going Down* meant to be used for the movie Teachers) The Something Heavy Going Down cassette and cd release contain the additional bonus track Radar Love** which is not on the lp release. At the actual concert date more songs were performed but not on this release. On April 22 2023 the Back Home The complete Leiden 1984 concert 1500 copies limited edition 2LP was released during Record Store Day 2023 which has the complete concert captured and in a remastered version.

01. Long Blond Animal (6:24)
02. Twilight Zone (9:35)
03. When The Lady Smiles (6:52)
04. Future (7:01)
05. Something Heavy Going Down* (4:40)
06. Enough Is Enough (4:11)
07. Mission Impossible (8:49)
08. Radar Love**(9:35)
09. Clear Night Moonlight (6:44)

Total playing time 63:18 minutes

Golden Earring The Hole album 1986

1986The Hole21 Records 210 018
21 Records (Cassette Netherlands 1986)
21 Records 7 90514-4 (Cassette USA 1986)
Red Bullet RB 66.218 (CD Netherlands 2001)
01. They Dance.
02. Quiet Eyes.
03. Save The Best For Later.
04. Have A Heart.
05. Love In Motion.
06. Jane Jane.
07. Jump And Run.
08. Why Do I.
09. A Shout In The Dark.
Total playing time 43:28 minutes

Golden Earring Keeper Of The Flame album 1989

1989Keeper Of The FlameJaws Records 554-1 (LP Netherlands 1989)
Jaws Records 554-4 (Cassette Netherlands 1989)
Jaws Records 554-2 (CD Netherlands 1989)
Red Bullet RB 66.220 (CD Netherlands 2001)
Cassette without tracks Nighthawks and My Killer My Shadow.

01. Can Do That.
02. Too Much Woman (Not Enough Girl)
03. One Word.
04. Keeper Of The Flame.
05. Turn The World Around.
06. Circles.
07. Say My Prayer.
08. Distant Love.
09. Nighthawks.
10. My Killer My Shadow.

Total playing time 47:31 minutes

Golden Earring Bloody Buccaneers album 1991

1991Bloody BuccaneersColumbia 468093-1 (CD Netherlands 1991)
Columbia (LP Netherlands 1991)
Columbia (Cassette Netherlands )
Epic ESCA 5434 (CD Japan 1991)
01. Making Love To Yourself (4:52)
02. Temporary Madness (3:33)
03. Going To The Run (3:53)
04. Joe (4:37)
05. Planet Blue (4:21)
06. Bloody Buccaneers (4:49)
07. One Shot Away From Paradise (3:45)
08. When Love Turns To Pain (3:45)
09. In A Bad Mood (4:46)
10. Pourin' My Heart Out Again (3:59)
Total playing time 44:04 minutes

Golden Earring The Naked Truth album 1992

1992The Naked TruthColumbia 472619-2 (CD Netherlands 1992)
Columbia 472619-4 (Cassette Netherlands 1992)
Columbia 472619-8 (MiniDisc Netherlands 1992)
Columbia (DVD Netherlands)
Music On Vinyl (2LP Netherlands 201x)
Epic ESCA 5797 (CD Japan 1992)
01. Introduction (1:04)
02. Jangalene (2:46)
03. Another 45 Miles (3:52)
04. Mad Love's Comin' (7:30)
05. Why Do I (4:24)
06. I Can't Sleep Without You (3:27)
07. Weekend Love (2:40)
08. The Vanilla Queen (4:46)
09. Twilight Zone (9:13)
10. One Shot Away From Paradise (3:59)
11. Long Blond Animal (5:22)
12. Pourin' My Heart Out Again (4:18)
13. Radar Love (7:43)
14. Eight Miles High (4:43)
15. The Naked Truth (4:20)
Total playing time 70:08 minutes

Golden Earring Face It album 1994

1994Face ItColumbia 477650-2 (CD Netherlands 1994)
Columbia 477650-4 (Cassette Netherlands 1994)
Columbia 477650-8 (MiniDisc Netherlands 1994)
(CD Germany x)
01. Angel (3:41)
02. Hold Me Now (3:42)
03. Liquid Soul (4:06)
04. Minute by Minute (5:06)
05. Johnny Make Believe (4:44)
06. Space Ship (1:59)
07. The Unforgettable Dream (3:49)
08. I Can't Do Without Your Kiss (4:23)
09. Freedom Don't Last Forever (3:34)
10. Maximum Make-Up (4:40)
11. Legalize Telepathy (4:09)
Total playing time 43:58 minutes

Golden Earring Lovesweat album 1995

1995LovesweatColumbia 481122-2 (CD Netherlands 1995)
Columbia 481122-4 (Cassette Netherlands 1995)
(CD Germany x)
01. When I Was Young.
02. Darkness, Darkness.
03. Gotta See Jane.
04. My Little Red Book.
05. Sail On Sailor.
06. Motorbikin'.
07. I'll Be Back Again.
08. This Wheel's On Fire.
09. Ballad Of A Thin Man.
10. Collage.
11. Move Over.
12. Who Do You Love.
13. Turn The Page.
Total playing time 48:47 minutes

Golden Earring Naked II album 1997

1997Naked 2CNR Music 2003 447 (CD Netherlands 1997)
CNR 2003 448 (Cassette Netherlands 1997)
CNR Music (DVD Netherlands )
CNR Music (VHS Netherlands)
01. Who Do You Love.
02. Buddy Joe.
03. She Flies On Strange Wings.
04. Quiet Eyes.
05. Going To The Run.
06. Bombay.
07. Burning Stuntman.
08. Mood Indigo.
09. Where Will I Be.
10. This Wheel's On Fire.
11. Johnny Make Believe.
12. When The Lady Smiles.
13. The Devil Made Me Do It.
Total playing time 56:39 minutes

Golden Earring Paradise In Distress album 1999

1999Paradise In DistressCNR 2004 110 (CD Netherlands 1999)
(CD Germany 1999)
01. Paradise In Distress.
02. Apocalypse.
03. Evil Love-Chain.
04. Darling.
05. Take My Hand - Close My Eyes.
06. The Fighter.
07. One Night Without You.
08. Whisper In A Crowd.
09. Déjà Voodoo.
10. Bad News To Fall In Love (With A Mean Motherfucker)
11. 42nd Street.
12. Fluid Conduction.
13. Desperately Trying To Be Different.
14. Gambler's Blues.
Total playing timeTotal playing time ? minutes

Golden Earring Last Blast Of The Century double album 2000

2000Last Blast Of The CenturyCNR 2004 480 (2CD Netherlands 2000)
CNR Music 24 204919 (DVD Netherlands 2001)
Music On Vinyl MOVLP2773 (3LP Netherlands 2020)

01. Just Like Vince Taylor.
02. Heartbeat.
03. Another 45 Miles.
04. Long Blond Animal.
05. Liquid Soul.
06. The Fighter.*
07. Hold Me Now.
08. Gambler's Blues.
09. Twilight Zone.
10. Evil Love-Chain.
11. Take My Hand - Close My Eyes.
12. One Night Without You.
13. Paradise In Distress.
14. In A Bad Mood.
15. Making Love To Yourself.
16. Whisper In A Crowd.
17. Going To The Run.
18. Distant Love.
19. She Flies On Strange Wings.
20. Burning Stuntman.
21. The Devil Made Me Do It.
22. Johnny Make Believe.
23. When The Lady Smiles.
24. Legalize Telepathy.
25. Radar Love.
26. I Can't Sleep Without You.
27. The Last Blast Of The Century.

The Fighter track is not available on the DVD, CD and video only!

Total playing time 2CD ? minutes
Total playing time DVD ? minutes

Golden Earring Millbrook USA album 2003

2003Millbrook USAUniversal 067 598-0 (Digipack CD Netherlands 2003)
Universal 067 598-2 (Jewelbox CD Netherlands 2003)
Universal 067 598-8 (CD limited edition with DVD Netherlands 2003)
Universal (LP Netherlands 2003)
CD 13 tracks (Making Of DVD 14):

01. The Hammer Of Love.
02. Albino Moon.
03. Skyscraper Hell Of A Town.
04. A Sound I Never Heard.
05. You're Better Off Dead.
06. Colourblind.
07. On A Night Like You.
08. Kingfisher.
09. Comin' In Goin' Out.
10. The Thief.
11. Beautiful Blue.
12. Love Is A Loser (When Lust Comes Around)
13. The Last Frontier Hotel.

The limited edition CD+DVD is released in Holland on February 20, 2003.
Label: Universal Label number 067 598 - 2, normal cd issue label Universal, label number 067 598 - 0

Total playing time ? minutes

Golden Earring Naked 3 album 2005

2005Naked IIIUniversal 987 021-9 (SACD Netherlands 2005)
Universal (DVD Netherlands )

01. Angel.
02. Turn The World Around.
03. Just Like Vince Taylor.
04. I've Just Lost Somebody.
05. Sleepwalkin'.
06. Need Her.
07. The Thief.
08. I Need Love.
09. Kill Me (Ce Soir)
10. Paradise In Distress.
11. Albino Moon.
12. Lost And Found.
13. Hold Me Now.
14. Colourblind.
15. Will & Mercy.
16. No For An Answer.
17. The Last Frontier Hotel.
18. Holy Holy Life.
(CD 18 tracks, DVD 19 tracks.)

Total playing time ? minutes

Golden Earring Live at Ahoy 2006 album 2006

2006Live At Ahoy 2006Universal 170 976-1 (DVD)
Universal 170 976-2 (CD)
(DVD release with free bonus cd Netherlands 2006)
Tracks CD:
01. Skyscraper Hell Of A Town
02. Another 45 Miles
03. Whatcha Gonna Do (When The Levee Breaks)
04. Twilight Zone
05. Save Your Skin
06. Are You Receiving Me
07. Smoking Cigarettes
08. Just A Little Bit Of Peace In My Heart
09. Kill Me (Ce Soir)
10. Gambler's Blues
11. Going To The Run
12. Radar Love
13. She Flies On Strange Wings
(cd 13 tracks (tracks not included on bonus cd*), dvd 22 tracks)
Total playing time CD ? minutes
Total playing time DVD 123 minutes

Golden Earring Tits 'N Ass album 2012

2012Tits 'N Ass Universal 370 469-8 (Limited edition digipack release with cd and dvd Netherlands 2012)
Universal (LP Netherlands 2012)
Universal (CD Germany 2013)
Music On Vinyl MOVLP550 (2LP Netherlands 2022)
01. Identical (3:30)
02. Little Time Bomb (3:56)
03. Cool As It Gets (4:14)
04. Acrobats And Clowns (4:10)
05. What Do I Know About Love (4:32)
06. Still Got The Keys To My First Cadillac (3:49)
07. Dope Runner (3:43)
08. This Love (4:01)
09. Stratosphere (4:37)
10. Over The Cliff Into The Deep Deep Blue (3:24)
11. Flowers In The Mud (4:10)
12. Justin Time (3:46)
13. Avenue Of Broken Dreams (3:42)
14. Wanted By Women (4:09)
Total playing time ? minutes

In 2012, Golden Earring released new work for the first time in nine years: their 25th studio album Tits 'N Ass. The album was presented in Paradiso, Amsterdam as a celebration of the band's 50th anniversary. In addition to the album, a documentary (Making Tits 'N Ass) was made of the songwriting process. Golden Earring might be the oldest and most long-lived rock band in Holland, they certainly have not lost any of their energy as George Kooymans, Barry Hay, Rinus Gerritsen and Cesar Zuiderwijk proved with flying colours on Tits 'N Ass.

Tits 'N Ass became available in 2022 as a limited edition of 1000 individually numbered copies on translucent red coloured vinyl. This 2LP is housed in a gatefold sleeve and includes an insert with lyrics.


Golden Earring The Hague album 2015

2015The HagueUniversal 476 953-1 (Limited edition digipack release December 04 2015)
Music On Vinyl (Limited edition red vinyl LP Netherlands 2015)
01. Je Regrette (3:48)
02. That's Why I Believe In Her (4:10)
03. My Lips Are Sealed (5:13)
04. Did I Make You Up (4:06)
05. Come On Home (5:08)
Total playing time ? minutes

Golden Earring You Know We Love You! Ahoy 2019 show live album 2022

2022Golden Earring Live Ahoy 2019 You Know We Love YouRed Bullet RB 66.353 (2CD and DVD digipack release Netherlands April 01 2022)
Music On Vinyl MOVLP3102 / RB 33 353 (Limited edition gold vinyl 3LP Netherlands November 18 2022)


  • Releasedatum: 1 april 2022.
  • Het allerlaatste concert van Golden Earring integraal op dubbel-CD en DVD.
  • Inclusief Radar Love, Twilight Zone en When The Lady Smiles.
  • DVD met beeldregistratie (zes camera's) door regisseur Marcel de Vré.
  • Audiomix door John Sonneveld.
  • Inclusief een replica van de concertposter, fan foto's en een verhaal over het concert in Ahoy Rotterdam op 16 november 2019.

    Golden Earring's allerlaatste optreden ooit vond plaats in de Rotterdam op zaterdagavond 16 november 2019. Bij toeval is dat laatste optreden opgenomen door regisseur Marcel de Vré (bekend van zijn documentaires voor NTR Uur van de Wolf en zijn registratie van Golden Earring Five Zero show in de Amsterdamse Ziggodome om 2015). Hij werd benaderd om de show te filmen en de livebeelden op het grote videoscherm aan de achterzijde van het podium te projecteren. Zonder dat de band op de hoogte is, neemt De Vré de beelden op en belanden deze op de plank. Zodoende bestaat er gelukkig fantastisch beeld en geluid van een geweldig optreden - tragischerwijs achteraf gezien het allerlaatste concert ooit van Golden Earring. Deze historische release is daar het treffende bewijs van. Als gitarist/zanger en mede-oprichter van de band George Kooymans in februari 2021 bekendmaakt dat hij vanwege gezondheidsproblemen niet meer kan optreden, betekent dat na zestig jaar het abrupte einde van Golden Earring. Zo ook de realiteit dat de groep nooit meer op het podium zou staan. Tijd om de opnamen van het Ahoy-concert van de plank te halen. In nauwe samenwerking met de band is het materiaal bewerkt door Marcel de Vré, terwijl de geluidsopnamen zijn gemixt door John Sonneveld - al ruim dertig jaar de trouwe technische rechterhand van Golden Earring. Het artwork - naar een idee van Barry Hay - bestaat uit een replica van de originele concertposter, maar bevat ook een collage van foto's die fans van Golden Earring in het afgelopen jaar hebben ingestuurd. Het resultaat is de dubbel-CD/DVD You Know We Love You! - Live Ahoy 2019. Een waardig afscheid dat de band en de fans méér dan verdienen.


    01. Don't Stop The Show
    02. I Do Rock 'N Roll
    03. Another 45 Miles
    04. Long Blond Animal
    05. When The Lady Smiles
    06. Liquid Soul
    07. Twilight Zone
    08. Going To The Run

    01. Vanilla Queen
    02. Hold Me Now
    03. Say When
    04. The Devil Made Me Do It
    05. Johnny Make Believe
    06. Rinus On Bass
    07. Radar Love part 1
    08. Cesar On Drums
    09. Radar Love part 2
    10. She Flies On Strange Wings
    11. Legalize Telepathy

    01. Don't Stop The Show (3:12)
    02. I Do Rock 'N Roll (5:07)
    03. Another 45 Miles (3:28)
    04. Long Blond Animal (5:12)
    05. When The Lady Smiles (6:18)
    06. Liquid Soul (5:12)
    07. Twilight Zone (8:37)
    08. Going To The Run (4:46)
    09. Vanilla Queen ()
    10. Hold Me Now ()
    11. Say When ()
    12. The Devil Made Me Do It ()
    13. Johnny Make Believe ()
    14. Rinus On Bass ()
    15. Radar Love part 1 ()
    16. Cesar On Drums ()
    17. Radar Love part 2 ()
    18. She Flies On Strange Wings ()
    19. Legalize Telepathy (6:34)

    You Know We Love You! - Live Ahoy 2019 verschijnt bij Red Bullet Productions op 1 april 2022 en is verkrijgbaar via alle gerenommeerde muziekzaken en online shops. Een speciale limited edition 3LP op goudkleurig vinyl en in een luxe klaphoes verschijnt later dit jaar bij Music On Vinyl.


    Legendary Dutch rockband Golden Earring's final 2019 performance on double CD and DVD in a fold-out digipack.

  • Featuring Radar Love, Twilight Zone and When The Lady Smiles.
  • NTSC Region Free DVD directed (six cameras) by director Marcel de Vré.
  • Audio mix by John Sonneveld.
  • Including replica of the concert poster, fan photos and liner notes about the event and the aftermath.

    Golden Earring's last performance ever was held at the Rotterdam Ahoy on 16th November 2019.

    By accident, visual director Marcel de Vré (who had captured the Golden Earring Five Zero Show at the Amsterdam Ziggodome in 2015) recorded that final performance. He was hired to take care of the video content and live camera shots that would be projected on a big video screen hanging on the back of the stage. Without the band being aware, De Vré recorded the show and archived the complete footage.

    Luckily, excellent audio and video was available of a tremendous concert, that sadly turned out to be Golden Earring's final performance - with this historical release as a result.

    When in February 2021 co-founder George Kooymans had to announce his having to leave the band with immediate effect, due to health issues. Golden Earring decided to break up. With the sad knowledge that the Rotterdam show had been the final performance of Golden Earring, the audio and visual files were unshelved in close cooperation with the band, Marcel de Vré and John Sonneveld - the band's long time technical assistance and producer. The artwork - based on an idea by Barry Hay - includes a replica of the original concert poster, but also features a collage of photos that fans of Golden Earring submitted during the past year. The result is the double CD/DVD You Know We Love You! - Live Ahoy 2019, that give Golden Earring (and its fans) a dignified goodbye so well deserved.

    You Know We Love You! - Live Ahoy 2019 was released by Red Bullet Productions on 1st April 2022 and available through all renowned worldwide music dealers and online shops. A special 5000 copies limited edition 3LP - gold coloured vinyl in a trifold gatefold sleeve - was released by Music On Vinyl November 18 2022.

  • Total playing time ? minutes

    Golden Earring Live Outtakes album 2022

    2022Live OuttakesMusic On Vinyl MOV10039 (10inch Netherlands November 25 2022)Tracks:
    01. Fightin' Windmills (Live Brugge 1977)
    02. I Need Love (Live Brugge 1977)
    03. Eight Miles High (Live Brugge 1977)
    04. Radar Love (Live Single Edit Version)
    Total playing time ? minutes. Release date November 25 2022 (Exclusive Black Friday 10-inch release Live - The Outtakes). First time release on 10 inch vinyl 3 previously unreleased live tracks, they were recorded in Brugge (Belgium) on 18th March 1977, Fightin' Windmills and Eight Miles High are fascinating alternatives to the versions that ended up on the original Live album, while I Need Love has been rarely performed by the band back in the days - and luckily was caught on tape on that particular night in Belgium. Also featured is the edited live single version of their mega hit Radar Love. Limited edition of 2500 individually numbered copies on bullet blade coloured vinyl.

    Golden Earring Back Home - The Complete Leiden 1984 Concert album April 22 2023 release

    2023xMusic On Vinyl MOVLP3248/RB 33.362 (2LP limited edition yellow coloured vinyl April 22 2023)

    01. Enough Is Enough ()
    02. I'll Make It All Up To You ()
    03. Mission Impossible (8:49)
    04. When The Lady Smiles (6:52)
    05. Future (7:01)
    06. Long Blond Animal (6:24)
    07. N.E.W.S. ()
    08. Rinus On Bass ()
    09. Radar Love Part I()
    10. Cesar On Drums ()
    11. Radar Love Part II()
    12. Twilight Zone (9:35)
    13. The Devil Made Me Do It ()
    14. Clear Night Moonlight (6:44)

    Total playing time ? minutes. Release date April 22 2023 (Exclusive 2023 Record Store Day 1500 copies Limited Edition Yellow Translucent vinyl 2LP release Live. First time album release on vinyl. Not available on cd yet. Back Home - The Complete Leiden 1984 Concert contains remastered audio and is exclusively available for Record Store Day 2023. This 2LP is available as a limited edition of 1500 individually numbered copies on translucent yellow coloured vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve with liner notes. Back Home - Complete Leiden 1984 Concert is the live album by Golden Earring which features the live recordings of their legendary sold-out show at the Groenoordhallen in Leiden. For the first time, the recordings are available on vinyl in its entirety. Earlier on this album was released on cd and lp in 1984 under the title Something Heavy Going Down - Live From The Twilight Zone but didn't feature all concert tracks. Dick Maas (famous Dutch filmmaker, Amsterdamned o.a.) and his crew were present to film the concert that became known as Live from the Twilight Zone. It was broadcasted in the USA by MTV, then still in its early days.

    Additional info from the Back Home Complete concert liner notes about the adjusted sound: A few notes from the re-issue producer Wouter Bessels: One of the most frequently asked questions I have been asked over the years was if the Leiden 1984 concert would ever get a full release. Certainly a good idea, as the performance captured the band in high spirits, having just come of - what turned out to be - their last US concert tour. The concert was recorded on 24-track analog tape and mixed down to 2-track digital (Sony PCM 1610 encoded) tape - with an analog 2-track safety copy running along. Upon first listening we found out that the digital tapes delivered a much more solid and balanced sound, while the mixdown tapes also provided separate 'music' and 'ambience' tapes. That gave me the opportunity to re-balance the ambience sounds (the sound of the hall and the audience) and the music. I wanted the listener to be there right in the middle of the hal on that evening of 23rd June 1984. That process took some time to finish, but I think it's worth the effort. Consequently, this release does not only contain the first complete version from start to finish of the gig that night, but also gives some more audience-feeling to the overall final mix, compared to earlier releases that contain parts of the Leiden 1984 gig. I hope you enjoy this set as much as we have enjoyed working on these historic Golden Earring live recordings. Wouter Bessels, November 2022.

    Album Number Year Solo Album Title Label, Labelnumber Track Total and Titles Album Duration

    Rinus Gerritsen Gerritsen en Van Dijk album 1979

    1979Gerritsen En Van Dijk (Rinus Gerritsen with Michel van Dijk)Atlantic ATL 50 679 (LP Netherlands 1978)
    Atlantic Atco SD 38-119 (LP USA 1979)
    Atlantic (CD Russia 2006)
    Atlantic (CD Russia 2006)
    Fonos records (CD Netherlands 2007)
    08 tracks

    01. Rock and Roll Beast
    02. Cruiser
    03. Hard Bargain
    04. City Sunset
    05. Mental Madness
    06. New Shade of Light
    07. I Can't Understand It
    08. Can't Make it Alone Tonight

    Total playing time 35:42 minutes. USA issue released under the name Garrison and Van Dyke.

    Barry Hay Only Parrots Frogs and Angels album 1972

    1972Only Parrots Frogs And Angels (Barry Hay)Polydor 2925 006 (LP Netherlands 1972)
    Lost And Found 547 372-2 (CD Netherlands 1999)
    Music On Vinyl MOVLP1279 yellow vinyl 1000 copies LP Netherlands 2015)
    x (CD remastered 11-2022)
    01. Xena (8:42)
    02. Sometimes Three Times (6:16)
    03. Oh Lordy I'm Gonna Try (5:01)
    04. Roll Another Rock (4:44)
    05. I Want to Be With You (5:43)
    06. Did You Really Mean It? (4:40)
    07. Once Upon a Time (6:36)
    08. March-Xena (0:46)
    Total playing time 42:21 minutes

    Barry Hay Victory Of Bad Taste album 1987

    1987Victory Of Bad Taste (Barry Hay)Ring Records 208.498 (LP Netherlands 1987)
    Ring Records 258.498 (CD Netherlands 1987)
    Fonos release CD-7072 (CD Netherlands 2007)

    01. Draggin' The Line (4:31)
    02. I'd Lie To You For Your Love (3:44)
    03. Jezebel (4:21)
    04. My Favourite Spot (6:17)
    05. Firewater (4:37)
    06. Did You Really Mean It? (?)
    07. She's Here (?)
    08. Girl (Is A Best Man's Friend) (?)
    09. Going Blind (?)

    (CD contains additional bonus track Going Blind)

    Total playing time ? minutes

    Bibi Moet Plassen album 2005

    2008Bibi Moet Plassen (Barry Hay)ISBN 90 00 03639 9 (CD Netherlands 2005)One track with stories for children with the voice of Barry Hay. This cd was enclosed with the book Bibi Moet Plassen which was written by Barry Hay's wife Sandra. No music by Barry Hay. Release date 2005

    Barry Hay Big Band Theory album 2008

    2008Big Band Theory (Barry Hay)Blue Note Records (CD Netherlands 2008)
    01. Let's Spend The Night Together.
    02. Can We Still Be Friends?
    03. Spinning Wheel.
    04. If You Want My Love.
    05. Johny Make Believe.
    06. Old Town.
    07. Higher And Higher.
    08. The Power Of Love.
    09. Summer In The City.
    10. Ice Cream Man.
    11. Labour Of Love.
    12. Waiting On A Friend.
    13. Walls Come Tumbling Down.
    13 tracks, total playing time ? minutes.
    Release date September 05 2008

    Image not yet available - to be added soon!

    2016Barry Hay's Flying V Formation (Barry Hay)V2 Records x (CD Netherlands 2016)
    V2 Records VVNL28561 (LP Netherlands 2016)

    01. Wait a Minute.
    02. I'm Not Drowning.
    03. Circle In The Sand
    04. Make It Last Forever.
    05. The Machine.
    06. Razor Blade.
    07. Turn Around.
    08. Beautiful Life.
    09. Firewater (Live) (Bonus Track)
    10. Going Out West (Live) (Bonus Track)

    Release date May 13 2016. CD contains 2 bonus tracks Firewater and Going Out West. LP limited edition pink coloured vinyl.

    Total playing time ? minutes

    Image not yet available - to be added soon!

    2019Barry Hay JB Meijers For You BabyUniversal X (CD Netherlands 2019)
    Universal X (LP white vinyl Netherlands 2019)
    Universal X (LP turqoise vinyl Netherlands 2020)

    01.If Not For You.
    02. Heartbeat City.
    03. Sweet Jane.
    04. Bennie And The Jets.
    05. Black Star.
    06. Walking in Memphis.
    07. King's Call.
    08. I Hope I Never.
    09. I'm On Fire.
    10. Southern Nights.
    11. Blue Bayou (With Danny Vera)
    12. Such a Night.

    White vinyl limited edition 1000 individually numbered copies, release date November 15 2019, followed by second batch turqoise vinyl release date January 31 2020.

    Total playing time ? minutes

    Image not yet available - to be added soon!

    2020Artone Sessions (Barry Hay JB Meijers) Music On Vinyl MOV10030 (10" EP vinyl Netherlands 2020)

    01. If Not For You (3:36)
    02. Black Star (3:10)
    03. I'm On Fire (3:35)
    04. Blue Bayou (Featuring Danny Vera) (4:13)

    10 inch 4 track album direct to disc recordings featuring Rinus Gerritsen, Danny Vera, Anne Soldaat, Joost Kroon, Ramon Balderas, Canek Cabrera Morales and Darwin Sanchez. With special guest Danny Vera on track 4. Release date July 31 2020.

    Total playing time ? minutes

    Image not yet available - to be added soon!

    2022Fiesta la Vida (Barry Hay and JB Meijers)X (CD Netherlands 2022)
    X (LP x vinyl Netherlands 2022)

    01. Spirit In The Sky!
    02. Unconditionally
    03. Twist In My Sobriety
    04. It's Not Unusual
    05. Magic Carpet Ride
    06. Perfect Stranger
    07. Don't Let The Old Man In
    08. Dancing Barefoot
    09. How Much Does It Take To Make You Love Me
    10. Taken In
    11. Indian Ropeman
    12. 20th Century Boy
    13. You Never Can Tell
    14. Fiesta De La Vida


    Release date April 22 2022.

    Total playing time ? minutes

    George Kooymans x album 1969

    1971Jojo (George Kooymans)Polydor 2925 004 (LP Netherlands 1971)
    Polydor 2419 039 (LP Netherlands 1973)
    Lost And Found 547 371-2 (CD Netherlands 1999)
    x (CD remastered 11-2022)
    01. South Side Lady (3:04)
    02. Day And Night (4:12)
    03. Lay It On Me (3:03)
    04. For Gail (3:57)
    05. Lovin' And Hurtin' (2:37)
    06. Low Rider (5:58)
    07. We're Just Marking Time (3:34)
    08. A Drifter's Love (3:59)
    09. Spending All My Time With You (2:03)
    10. Don't Be Lonely (2:32)

    The Jojo album was also released as Superstarshine Vol.23 in 1973 on the Polydor label 2419 039)

    Total playing time 34:56 minutes

    George Kooymans x album 1969

    1987Solo (George Kooymans)Ring Records 208.167 (LP Netherlands 1987)
    Ring Records 258.167 (CD Netherlands 1987)
    Fonos release CD-5496 (CD Netherlands 2007)
    ? (Cassette Indonesia 19??)
    01. Lost for Love (5:04)
    02. Give It All You Got (5:19)
    03. World of Our Own (4:44)
    04. I'll Never Give in to You (5:25)
    05. The Devil Rides Again Tonight (4:26)
    06. The Beat Goes On (5:35)
    07. Shoot the Man Down (6:33)
    08. Lonely Hearts (3:43)
    09. Again (4:48)

    Total playing time 45:38 minutes

    Kooymans\Carillo On Location album 2010

    2010On Location Kooymans\Carillo (George Kooymans and Frank Carillo)Universal Records 272290-1 (CD Netherlands 2010)A Sound I Never Heard* is a Golden Earring cover, the original version was released on the 2003 Golden Earring Millbrook USA album. Maybe Roses Never Die** is originally recorded and released in 1998 by Catch 22, for the On Location album version George Kooymans and Frank Carillo recorded new vocals for the 1995/1996 recording.

    01. On Location (3:03)
    02. Blind Love (3:57)
    03. Temptation (4:47)
    04. Armageddon (3:24)
    05. Chelsea Hotel (3:36)
    06. (I Don't Wanna Go) Across The River (4:35)
    07. Love Is The Only Magic (6:56)
    08. A Sound I Never Heard* (3:47)
    09. Maybe Roses Never Die** (3:47)
    10. Hudson Valley Ghost (5:08)
    11. Enrico Martin (4:01)

    Total playing time 46:41 minutes,
    release date April 02, 2010

    Image not yet available - to be added soon!

    2017Vreemde Kostgangers - Vreemde Kostgangers (George Kooymans with Henny Vrienten and Boudewijn de Groot)Universal x (CD Netherlands 2017)
    x (LP Netherlands 2017)
    14 tracks, total playing time 58:58 minutes

    01. Ik Ben Op Weg
    02. De Roeiboot En Ik
    03. Hoop
    04. Touwtje Uit De Deur
    05. Een Vreemd Gevoel
    06. Insomnia
    07. Zoete Woede
    08. Scheiding
    09. Zwijg En Luister
    10. De Roxy
    11. Horizon
    12. Paulus Potterlaan
    13. Vergeet De Pijn
    14. Nat

    Total playing time ? minutes,
    release date ? 2017

    Image not yet available - to be added soon!

    2017Nachtwerk - Vreemde Kostgangers (George Kooymans with Henny Vrienten and Boudewijn de Groot)Universal 670 268-5 (CD Netherlands 2017)
    x (2LP Netherlands 2018)
    16 tracks, total playing time: 69:19 minutes, CD release date November 24 2017 2LP release date February 01 2018

    01. Leven Zat In De Stad
    02. Geloof Hoop Liefde
    03. Schrijven
    04. De Afgesproken Plek
    05. Mocht Je Een Minnaar Willen
    06. Ze Houdt Van Mij
    07. Water Bij De Wijn
    08. Geen Weg Terug
    09. Een Eenzaam Avontuur
    10. Bang
    11. Warm Vanavond
    12. Verslaafd
    13. Ieder Voor Zich
    14. Half Leeg = Half Vol
    15. Ik Heb Een Hekel Aan De Blues
    16. Dynamiet

    Total playing time ? minutes,
    release date November 24 2017

    Image not yet available - to be added soon!

    2022Mirage (George Kooymans and Frank Carillo)Red Bullet x (CD Netherlands June 17 2022)
    Music on Vinyl x (LP Netherlands December 09 2022)
    CD release date June 17 2022, LP release date December 09 2022. From this album on February 10 2023 the limited edition vinyl single Seasons with non-album bonustrack August Moon was released.

    01. Mirage (5:01)
    02. Where The Devil Won't Go (2:43)
    03. Sweet Revenge (3:25)
    04. If I Go There (3:13)
    05. Den Of Thieves (4:03)
    06. Ticket To Heaven (3:21)
    07. I Wish You Were Still Here (4:50)
    08. Living Now (4:06)
    09. Crystal Cracking (4:40)
    10. Christmas in Gaza (2:27)
    11. Seasons (Bonus track) (4:41)

    Red Bullet Record label pre-order info: We are very pleased to announce the album 'Mirage' of George Kooymans and Frank Carillo which will be released on June 17th 2022. Twelve years after their debut album On Location, George Kooymans and Frank Carillo return to the front with their second album entitled Mirage. Recorded over a period of approximately three years in various studios and countries, Mirage offers ten tracks that illustrate the natural chemistry between the two guitarists, showcasing artistic excellence, as well as a wide array of musical influences. Make sure to pre-order your copy via your local store.

    Total playing time 42:15 minutes,
    release date June 17 2022 (CD\Digital), LP limited edition white vinyl release date December 09 2022.

    Vreemde Kostgangers Mist album 2023

    2023Mist (George Kooymans with Henny Vrienten and Boudewijn de Groot)Excelsior (CD Netherlands 2023)
    Excelsior (LP Netherlands 2023 transparant vinyl)
    Excelsior (LP Netherlands 2023 black vinyl)
    Release date March 17 2023. This album was finished by George Kooymans after Henny Vrienten passed away. He added some vocals and the album was released with the permission of Henny Vrienten's relatives. Henny Vrienten wanted this album to come out.

    01. Mist
    02. De liefde kent geen tijd
    03. Bladzij na bladzij
    04. Ik weet het niet
    05. Ik speel gitaar
    06. Hoe meer ik dichterbij kom
    07. Niet wederzijds
    08. Luie liefde
    09. Het einde van misschien
    10. Fender strat
    11. Tijd tekort
    12. Lippen
    13. Zeg me

    Total playing time ? minutes, Release date March 17 2023.

    Cesar Zuiderwijk Labyrinth album 1985

    1985Labyrinth (Cesar Zuiderwijk with Jasper van 't Hof)21 Records 210 015 (LP Netherlands 1985)
    21 Records 100 035 (CD Netherlands 1985)
    21 Records 810 015 (MC Netherlands 1985)
    21 Records 21-090477-1 (LP Canada 1985)
    21 Records 90477-1 (LP Portugal 1985)
    21 Records 90477-1 (LP USA 1985)
    08 tracks:

    01. Between Dusk And Daylight (5:10)
    02. Give Me Back My Feelings (4:46)
    03. Lovers' Leap (5:04)
    04. Polo (6:45)
    05. Help Me Out (4:12)
    06. The Secret Of Love (3:43)
    07. Grimace (4:17)
    08. Step On It (4:43)

    Total playing time 39:22 minutes

    Cesar Zuiderwijk with Percossa Percussion Live! album 2001

    2001?Live! (Pieces from Alle Gekheid Met Een Stokje) (Cesar Zuiderwijk with Percossa Percussion)F 7594 (CD Netherlands 2001?)Tracks:
    01. Drum machinery
    02. Hodokoe
    03. Skeletom
    04. We Bé Bara Bouré
    05. Sambaatch
    Total playing time 44:53 minutes.

    Performed with Percossa Percussion. Recording, mixaging and mastering for Prins! Muziekprodukties. Recorded February 11 2000 Schouwburg de Meerse, Hoofddorp & February 16 2000 Theater Zuidplein, Rotterdam.


    Sloper debut record release Pulverise August 20 2021 cover art by Hannelore Celen

    2021Pulverise (Cesar Zuiderwijk with Sloper)Suburban Records X (CD Netherlands 2022)
    Suburban Records X (LP Netherlands 2022)
    01. I'm Gonna Getcha
    02. Hang 'em High
    03. Struck By Lightning
    04. Drive It In
    05. Black Widow
    06. Forbidden Shadows
    07. Dance Monkey Dance
    08. Learn To Love
    09. The Thin Line
    10. My Affliction
    11. Pulverise
    Total playing time ? minutes.

    Performed with Sloper, rnelease date August 20 2021. This is a two drummer band Cesar Zuiderwijk started with Mario Goossens (Triggerfinger) Other band members Fabio Canini and Pete Shoulder (Winterville, The Union).

    Special thanks to Edwin Knip: Golden Earring fan, collector and researcher for his help with discography details over the years. Some of the solo sleeve pictures above he published on his Golden Earring collection website.
    Many other sleeve pictures were scanned myself or sent in by Dutch and foreign fans. Thanks to all of you for your never ending support!