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LAST UPDATE: December 07 2021

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VHS recordings by Golden Earring

The Clips (Red Bullet)
The Clips VHS

Video EP (USA tape)

Live from the Twilight Zone (USA tape)
Live from the Twilight Zone USA VHS

1992 of 1993? The naked truth (Sony Music)
The naked truth VHS

1994 Making Face It (Sony Music)

1997 Burning Stuntman 1 track promo video (CNR Music)
Burning stuntman promotional VHS

1997 Naked II (CNR)
Naked II VHS

2000 Last blast of the century (CNR Music)
Last blast of the century VHS

2002 Don't stop the show (Indies label)

There are also some Golden Earring related videotapes, but this info will be added in the future. Some of these tapes are soundtracks to movies where Barry did voices for like "Hanekam de rocker" and "Fern Gully". I Went Down is an Irish movie with Radar Love being played in it. It's a film about sex, friendship and one incredibly talkative hostage. If you like the movie The Full Monty you will like I went down even more!

I went down
I went down VHS

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