Van Ee & Zuiderwijk clinic September 7, 2003

On September 7, 2003 I attended a drumclinic at Musicon, The Hague. On stage there was a drummer called Ernst van Ee. He was introduced by Golden Earring drummer and Music Station owner Cesar Zuiderwijk. Cesar organises from time to time drum clinics at Musicon where his school is located as well. Ernst is a teacher at Music Station and gives drum lessons twice a week. He recorded a cd called Powerplay in 2002.

Ernst started out on his own with some funky playing followed by some heavy metal drumming as he is used to with his band Ozmosis. Then he introduced several students from different ages and let them play their piece of drumming. Although some of them only played drums for a year or so they showed remarkable skills! After Ernst leaves the stage Cesar takes over and shows different techniques and points out several things to be aware of as a drummer. In fact it's a free drum lesson although there were also many non-drummers. Cesar answers questions in his own humorous way and makes the audience laugh.

Cesar mentioned the fact that when he came to play with the Golden Earring his first thing to do was to rehearse for the new album. He practiced "Back home" in Georges garage on bongo's only. His first show was at a huge rockfestival in Aken, Germany for about 30.000 visitors. When they started to play, Cesar for a moment didn't know what came over him. A large audience, a heavy playing band with both George and Rinus running over the stage and a wall of sound. As he was never used to things happening like this when playing with Livin'blues he then realised something special was going on and quickly adapted by playing his drums as loud and as good as he could. And so he started to develop his own stage performance which finally led to the well known leap over his drumkit and other fine tricks.

After the show Cesar thanked the audience for being there and made them aware he endorses Pearl drums. I like to thank both the drummers for their kind cooperation afterwards the clinic. I will publish here several photo's which will be changed from time to time.

Drumclinic at Cesar Zuiderwijks Music Station 2003

Photography copyright Casper Roos\Golden Earring Record Research 2003

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