Book about Golden Earring by Maarten Steenmeijer

Barry Hay showing his copy of Rock die niet roest

On May 12, 2004, a new book about Golden Earring was presented to the press at the The Hague bookstore Paagman. The book is called "Golden Earring, Rock die niet roest" (Published by Wereldbibliotheek). The author is Maarten Steenmeijer. In daily life he works at the university of Nijmegen, Holland. He is a Golden Earring fan for many years now. The book is a paperback with Dutch text, contains several photo's and has 176 pages of information. It's the second book written about Golden Earring, the first one was Haagsche bluf by journalist Pieter Franssen (1992). It took over a year to write and finish 'Rock die niet roest'.

The presentation started with an explanation by the author and reading some excerpts from his book. Then Bart Chabot shared his vision on the band and dealed in his own way with a bad book review in local newspaper "Haagsche Courant" (April 30, 2004). Then he gave the first copy of the book to Barry Hay. Actually the book was already for sale for a couple of days! Chabot called Hay the last real rock-'n-roll-star Holland has. "Keep on running Barry!". In interviews Barry Hay mentioned the fact another book would be published about the band later this year. This issue is started by Golden Earring fans Karin and Mechteld Beks. It will a fine book of about 250 pages with fine photo's by famous photographers like Kees Tabak and Patricia Steur for example but also pictures the band made themselves and from fans. Hay also mentioned a few songs they will record for their new acoustic cd Naked III (or sometimes referred to as The naked tree). Probably another word joke as Hay tends to make very often. "We have a list now of 20 songs and amongst them are 'Kill me (ce soir)' and 'Holy holy life' We also would like to put two new songs on it. Also we will record a new studio album next year."

Among other well known persons attending were Robert Jan Stips and photographer Kees Tabak. Interviews for local tv-station TV-West were made as well as recordings for local radio station Stadsradio Den Haag. Of course all celebrities including Maarten Steenmeijer had to sign copies of the just presented book. Here are some pictures from this presentation!

Rock die niet roest - presentation 12-05-2004 Rock die niet roest - Poster presentation 12-05-2004 Rock die niet roest - Barry Hay pre-presentation 12-05-2004 Rock die niet roest - Author Maarten Steenmeijer

Rock die niet roest - presentation: Fan Anita Krouwel with Barry Hay signing her copy Rock die niet roest - presentation Bart Chabot and Barry Hay Rock die niet roest presentation: Fan Berry Albers with Maarten Steenmeijer signing his book

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