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Radar Love Covers

LAST UPDATE: September 20, 2013

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Many Golden Earring songs have been covered through the years. Most of the time only one new version appears on a cd of a band now and then. But the most covered Golden Earring song by far is Radar Love. Over 500 versions are known to excists now!

For more and detailed information about Radar Love covers I strongly suggest you visit the Radar Love website made by fellow researcher, collector and fan Patrick Orriens who dedicated a great part of his life researching this great song and tracking down many Radar Love covers.

In my Golden Earring story I will integrate names of Radar Love releases as far as I know them. Most of the time they were announced on Patricks site as he gets many emails and suggestions from around the world. Many times I thought I've found something new, he already knows it. The latest thing about Radar Love when writing the first version of this file is a new driving song contest.

Top Gear at BBC Canada did start an new internet poll of peoples favourite driving song. It's no secret that driving with the windows open and your stereo up is one of life's greatest pleasures. Everyone with wheels has some songs they love to sing along with. We now have the chance to tell Top Gear Canada what's our favourite out of 20 songs. Radar Love is present in the list Top Gear compiled, so let's vote for our favourite band! I've voted already and made up the score at 72% in favor of Golden Earring! Last year Golden Earring ended up at second place, let's make it nr. 1 this time!

Due to a lack of time this page has not been updated for several, so the information underneath is from 2006. Latest version found is the 2013 release of Radar Love by Space Lady!

Latest found Radar Love covers:
June 2006 The Break-Up US Comedy (Movie only, no soundtrack)
July 2006 Daize Shayne - Live your Dreams (Worldwide CD release)
July 2006 Jan Rietman Band & Jody's singers - Live in concert (cd)

September 2006 Def Leppard - Hysteria 2cd re-release with Radar Love in 1987 medley. Release October 2006

2013 Space Lady - b-side to a 7inch vinyl single Major Tom\Radar Love.

More covers were found again. #500 will be on Patrick's site soon!