KADEROCK 2003 - 2005

LAST UPDATE: August 15, 2005

This info is recently added!Cesar Zuiderwijk did play at Kaderock 2003 with The Clarks again!

Kaderock 2003 poster

Presentation of the Kaderock 2003 festival was done by Gerard van den IJssel and Rene Bom, well known names in the Hague popscene. The festival was announced as the "biggest" small festival of the Hague and so it is. A great mixture of attending visitors. I did see families with children, Golden Earring fans, skater people, gothic oriented people, local people from the neighbourhood who just came by and many many more. The festival was sponsored by Rock Palace, the musical store from Cesar and Rinus. There was a large logo on the back of the stage. On the main stage outside Cesar and the Clarks opened up for Kaderock 2003. They did play a fine set with several Golden Earring songs and some by other bands. It was great fun seeing them play as the weather was very sunny and the mood was good.Ceasar and the Clarks had also great fun.

Cesar Zuiderwijk & Clarks drummer at Kaderock 2003

At some point during the 45 minute set Cesar throw his drum sticks to the drummer of the Clarks and he threw them back but suddenly Cesar didn't have no more drumsticks. He got a spare set of the Clarks drummer Peter. Then Cesar threw a bottle of mineral water and everybody was laughing. After Long blond animal the band thanked the audience and left the stage. Then they mixed amongst the visitors and I had the chance to join Cesar for a picture.

On Kaderock 2004 Cesar joined the stage again with The Clarks.

Cesar would have been present on Kaderock 2005 also to play a set with theClarks. But as the podium wasn't delivered in time there was a dealy of the start of the festival. Cesar had to play with Percossa Percussion later that day, so he only played one song along and then left the stage. But the Clarks played on with members of former the Hague Beatbands in the Beatnach 2005 session and that was great too. You could see Frans Krassenburg sing two songs like Sound of the Screaming day and That day.

Casper Roos with Cesar at Kaderock 2003

Kaderock festival is held at the square behind the Musicon location in the Hague. It's a free annual event and organised first saturday in June every year. Kaderock is the festival where upcoming talents can show their skills and take their place in the The Hague rockscene. Not only because this festival was the first that had several successfull acts like Anouk, Kane, Di-rect and Lichterlaaie. Also great Dutch music hero's like Jan Akkerman, Hans Dulfer, Cesar Zuiderwijk, Q 65 and dozens of other bands attended this small festival.

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