Golden Earring Single Hit positions

LAST UPDATE: November 21, 2012

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Dutch Top 40 Hit positions.

Single titleDate of entryHighest positionWeeks in Hit chart
Please Go25-09-19651020 weeks
That Day29-01-19660215 weeks
If You Leave Me14-05-19660910 weeks
Daddy Buy Me A Girl10-09-19661210 weeks
Don't Run Too Far12-11-19661408 weeks
In My House01-04-19671010 weeks
Sound Of The Screaming Day22-07-19670413 weeks
Together We Live, Together We Love28-10-19670608 weeks
I've Just Lost Somebody06-04-19680708 weeks
Dong Dong Di-ki Di-gi Dong27-07-196801 (1 week)13 weeks
Just A little bit of peace in my heart16-11-19680210 weeks
Where Will I Be28-06-19690708 weeks
Another 45 Miles13-12-19690309 weeks
Back Home18-07-197001 (5 weeks)20 weeks
Holy Holy Life06-02-19710509 weeks
She Flies On Strange Wings02-10-19710411 weeks
Buddy Joe13-05-1972049 weeks
Stand By Me23-09-1972107 weeks
Radar Love25-08-197301 (3 weeks)13 weeks
Instant Poetry27-04-19740309 weeks
Ce Soir01-03-1975508 weeks
Sleepwalkin'24-01-19760508 weeks
To The Hilt15-05-1976tip-
Bombay11-12-19760709 weeks
Just Like Vince Taylor01-10-19773004 weeks
Movin' Down Life14-10-19782707 weeks
Weekend Love02-06-19790313 weeks
I Do Rock 'n Roll15-12-19792905 weeks
Long Blond Animal20-09-19801907 weeks
No for An Answer29-11-1980tip-
Slow Down13-06-1981tip-
Twilight Zone28-08-198201 (2 weeks)10 weeks
The Devil Made Me Do It25-12-19821607 weeks
When The Lady Smiles11-02-198401 (2 weeks)10 weeks
Clear Night Moonlight21-04-19841106 weeks
Something Heavy Going Down01-12-19843303 weeks
Quiet Eyes03-05-19860908 weeks
Why Do I02-08-1986tip-
They Dance20-12-1986tip-
My Killer, My Shadow12-03-19882405 weeks
Turn The World Around22-04-19891008 weeks
Going To The Run20-04-19910310 weeks
Temporary Madness10-08-1991263 weeks
Pouring My Heart Out Again23-11-1991tip-
I Can't Sleep Without You (ac live)21-11-19922105 weeks
Another 45 miles (ac live)06-03-19932505 weeks
Long Blond Animal (ac live)10-07-19933004 weeks
As Long As The Wind Blows (ac live)20-11-199334 03 weeks
Hold Me Now29-10-1994 1107 weeks
Johnny Make Believe14-01-1995tip-
This Wheel's On Fire03-02-1996tip-
Burning Stuntman30-08-19971904 weeks
The Devil Made Me Do It (Ac live)???
Just A Little Bit Of Peace In My Heart (Ac live)???
Paradise In Distress13-03-19992403 weeks
Whisper In A Crowd14-08-1999tipEntered at position 19
Albino Moon15-02-20033003 weeks
A Sound I Never Heard2003??
Colour Blind2003??
I've Just Lost Somebody19-02-20051304 weeks
Angel (Acoustic live)28-05-2005tip 11-
New single2012 ??--

Please note I have to check the Albino Moonsingle highest position in the chart.
(One site mentions 30 as highest, other site mentions 31...)

Dutch Mega Charts Hit Chart positions.

Single titleDate of entryHighest positionWeeks in hit chart
Another 45 Miles (Ac live)06-03-19932307 weeks
Long Blond Animal (Ac live)26-06-19932309 weeks
As Long As The Wind Blows (Ac live)13-11-19933004 weeks
Hold Me Now29-10-19941207 weeks
Johnny Make Believe04-02-19954303 weeks
Burning Stuntman17-08-19972613 weeks
The Devil Made Me Do It (ac live)24-01-19986204 weeks
Paradise In Distress27-02-19992908 weeks
Whisper In A Crowd14-08-19997404 weeks
Yes, We're On Fire26-08-20005505 weeks
Albino Moon15-02-20031607 weeks
A Sound I Never Heard17-05-20035001 week

German Hit positions.

Single titleDate of entryHighest positionWeeks in hit chart
Back Home1970 / week 40Highest position 15?? weeks
Holy Holy Life1971 / week 14Highest position 24?? weeks
Buddy Joe1972 / week 27Highest position 12?? weeks
Stand By Me1972 / week 45Highest position 45?? weeks
Radar Love1973 / week 40Highest position 05 (6 weeks in Top 10)?? weeks
Instant Poetry1974 / week 23Highest position 24?? weeks

Belgium Hit positions.

Single titleDate of entryHighest positionWeeks in hit chart
Dong Dong xxSeptember 07, 1968highest position 1506 weeks
Back HomeAugust 22, 1970highest position 0214 weeks
More to come

Swiss hit positions.

Single titleDate of entryHighest positionWeeks in hit chart
Back HomeNovember 03, 1970highest position 0609 weeks

USA hit positions.

Single titleDate of entryHighest positionWeeks in hit chart
Back Homex, 1970highest position xxxx weeks
Radar Lovex, 1970highest position xxxx weeks
When The Lady Smilesx, 1970highest position xxxx weeks
Twilight Zonex, 1970highest position xxxx weeks

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