Drumdriedaagse 2005 sessie

LAST UPDATE: August 15, 2005

This info is recently added!Cesar Zuiderwijk did play at Drumdriedaagse 2005 Session!

Cesar Zuiderwijk Drumdriedaagse 12-08-2005 Cesar Zuiderwijk Drumdriedaagse 12-08-2005

This year for the fourth time there was another Drumdriedaagse on August 12, 13 and 14 at Musicon, The Hague. For three days long drummers could follow courses and lessons in drumming. The event was organised by Cesar Zuiderwijks Musicstation in cooperation with the Slagwerkkrant magazine. Small groups followed the lessons in 12 rehearsel rooms of the Musicon building and the café was used for clinics and lessons with larger groups of students.. Durings these three days all students could attend to 6 clinics and get 10 private lessons. During two evenings there was the possibility for the drummers to join with a session band. I attended the session on August 12 and made some pictures to give you an impression what it was like.

Young drummer at Drumdriedaagse 12-08-2005

Shanna Vos & Nicko Christiansen in session drumdriedaagse 12-08-2005

On the stage in the café two drumkits were placed and on the left one Cesar would be drumming. The other kit was for students (from very young to much older) who were invited on stage to drum along. The band played all kind of songs and did even a cover of the Robbie Williams track Let me entertain you. In the session band were Rick Jillisen on bass, Johan Witt on guitar, ? on guitar, Cesar Zuiderwijk on drums and Nicko Christiansen on saxophones and vocals.

9 year old Shanna Vos in session 12-08-2005

On this evening I saw many drummers joining on stage but 9 year old female drummer Shanna Vos playing along with Nicko Christiansen (ex Livin'blues!), Cesar Zuiderwijk and the music station session band stole the show in my opinion! She's only drummming for one year and 8 months now 1 of which one year at Cesars Music Station with teacher Rudi Sibma (on Cesar's recommendation). But this lady got potential, mark my words........

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