Website credits


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Special thanks for your contributions to:

Sjaak Neels (Golden Earring official website, all kinds of information)
Ina Nieboer (Golden Earring fanclub website, all kinds of information)
Berry Albers (Holland, all kinds of information)
Heleen Molewijk (Holland, for publication updates)
Romaine Kohnen (Luxembourg, for checking out the text on this website)
Marcel van der Kooij (Holland, for chartinfo Millbrook USA and Albino moon)
Edwin van Wijk (Holland, for providing MP3 Boogietown on the Internet)
Patrick Orriens (Holland, for his efforts on his Radar love website and being a fellow collector and researcher)
Jan Sander (Holland, for his unconditional help with the tourdates and finding the US States to the cities)
Sander van den Berg (Holland, for his kind help with ticket scans and hosting several of them!)
Hans Koort (Holland, for his scans and help with seventies concert information)
and all other fans who supplied info on an irregular base.

For this website most pictures are from my own collection or collected from internet auctions. Some picture however have been linked from other sites when applicable. Especially Albino moon Germany deserves my gratitude...Thanks