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Book "Golden Earring"

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LAST UPDATE: May 07 2021

Here is a prelimenary version of this page about the book "Golden Earring" and it's book presentation on December 03 2005 at the Asta Theatre, The Hague.

On December 03 2005 I saw many Golden Earring fans and celebrities at the "Golden Earring" book presentation. The book is out now and costs 49,95 euro until January 1, 2006. From then on it will cost 59,95 euro. Already an hour before the Asta doors opened a long row was formed. Some people were disappointed as all tickets for the event were sold out. A large family of fans, friends and Vips gathered for this special event. When they finally got in, they immediately tried to get a copy of the book, but the sale started after the presentation of the book to the band, so everybody had to wait some more. The Asta is a former movie theatre and has a beautiful atmosphere. The location was sold out as 1000 fans ordered tickets (at 10 euro each) and there were many celebrities as well like Frans Krassenburg, Bojoura, Marion Bloem and Patricia Steur to name a few.

December 03 2005 Asta Den Haag book presentation ticket

Around half past five the band started to play with Freek de Jonge as special guest and he did two songs with them. One told about the history of the band and the other about the presentation of the book. He than handed over a limited edition of the book "Golden Earring" to each bandmember. This is a very fine piece of work and my compliments to the editors Feike de Keijzer and Frans Jansen. Then the Earring continued with their show and started with "When the levee breaks". Guest musicians were former Golden Earring member Robert Jan Stips and Bertus Borgers. The concert finished at 17.45 hr. (Some of the songs played were Twilight Zone, Gambler's blues, Radar Love, Long Blond Animal and When The Lady Smiles) For the Vips there was a reception with many friends and celebrities attending. For the fans who bought a ticket for the event there was a lottery where you could win a limited edition copy of the book with Golden Earring (worth 495 euro!) and 5 x 2 tickets for the upcoming 2006 Ahoy concert! I did see many of the hardcore fans after the book presentation! Unfortunately I couldn't see everyone, so sorry as you have missed me...

December 03 2005 Asta Den Haag book presentation: Barry Hay with book Golden Earring. Photo late Jac Hoeben

Picture Jac Hoeben (May be used with his kind permission!)

Golden Earring, Freek de Jonge, Robert Jan Stips and Bertus Borgers with book Golden Earring

(Picture copyright Sjaak Neels/Golden Earring Official site 2005 used with kind permission!)

After the concert there was the chance to get your personal copy of the book signed, but as there were so many people, this was a long wait! For those of you who didn't get an autograph there was another opportunity at the Paagman Bookstore, The Hague on December 17 2005 at 14hr. for another book sign session. Many fans attended this session as well.

Book facts:
Initiative: Karin and Mechteld Beks.
Text in Dutch, 384 pages, rich illustrated with about 900 illustrations
The cover format measures 30 x 30 cm (which is lp-size!) and the book weighs approximately 2.5 kilogram.
The price will be Euro 49,95 untill December 31, 2005 and from then on 59,95 Euro.)
ISBN 90 73187 46 X
Released December 03 2005 by Pictures Publishers, Wijk en Aalburg, The Netherlands
First print 3000 copies (printed in Singapore)

Limited edition 100 copies with gold print on side,
Limited edition with gold print and 5 gram, 24 carat Golden Earring on side: 25 copies

The book itself is dedicated to Igor on page 2. He is the deceased son of Frans Jansen, the editor of the Golden Earring book.